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La Gold is a high-tech Intelligence Bot for only the gold pair XAUUSD!

La Gold is a fully automated forex robot designed for trading XAUUSD(GOLD),. Trading in the gold market will be more profitable than other currency pairs, but also more risky, which is why using the right tool to assist you with your gold trading is an essential element of the gold trading process.

The robot has multiple algorithms that automatically determine the most effective algorithm for a given situation, thus ensuring the highest profit for each account. It comes with an automatic mode to manage the robot’s risk management.

This Bot contains different algorithms which choose the best ones based on the situation automatically so it guarantees the best profit for all accounts.

Original price: $269

Features :

  • The first EA that is based on a dynamic strategy changer.

  • The First and Only EA With Autopilot System.
  • Specially designed and developed for gold pairs.

  • Low Drawdown – Below 20%
  • Tested for 2 years with back testing technology.
  • Open and Close trades automatically.
  • Analysis of market data in all aspects.
  • It works best with the M5 timeframe.

This trading software has many new features that makes it one of the best robots on the forex market today.

Gold EA processes more data than humans and without emotional decisions.

A preprogrammed robot won’t make the mistakes you do.

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