DPO Indicator

DPO Indicator

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The DPO indicator is a straightforward indicator that indicates overbought as well as oversold levels in the chart. The DPO, also known as the detrended price oscillator, functions as the other oscillator. The oscillation ranges from 0 to -0 and also mentions the overbought and oversold zones. After that, traders can choose to trade either short or long.

The indicator is most effective when it is used on longer timeframes, such as the monthly or weekly chart. Short-term traders can profit from DPO by focusing on the signals in longer timeframes and then making positions in shorter timeframes.

DPO Indicator

DPO Indicator Buy/Sell Signals

To identify the buy and sell signals, the traders should be looking for overbought and undersold levels. When the indicator reaches the -0 level, it signifies an oversold situation, and traders are able to trade long or close short positions.

On the other hand, if the DPO indicator is moving towards the +0 mark, it indicates the currency pair is in an overbought condition. In this case, traders are able to take short positions or exit long positions. Sometimes, the indicator can give false signals. Therefore, it is recommended to pair it with the moving average and other indicators of momentum, such as MACD or RSI. RSI as well as MACD.


The DPO indicator can be described as a momentum oscillator that provides information about overbought or oversold situations. The traders can pinpoint the exact entry points and ending points by making use of these indicators. You can also download the indicator at no cost via our website.

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