Hidden Gap Volume Indicator

Hidden Gap Volume Indicator

The Hidden Gap Volume indicator distinguishes between positive and negative trading volume in the real market. It helps forex/stock traders to identify the best buy and sell signals through the MT4 platform. The Volume Indicator is critical for online trading to identify shifts in market momentum. It is an amazing technical skill that allows you to plan trade exits and entries based on market trends.

The Hidden Gap Volume Indicator identifies specific market volume shifts. You can use it to analyze current price action and identify potential trading opportunities with real-time demand/supply data. This guide will show you how to use the Hidden Gap Volume Indicator on MetaTrader 4 to identify trend following buy/sell opportunities in stocks and forex.

Use the Hidden Gap Volume Indicator in MT4 to trade like a pro.

Hidden Gap Volume Indicator

The Hidden Gap Volume Indicator uses four colors to plot volume bars. The blue bar indicates that the current trading volume is greater than the volume of the previous candle. The red bar indicates that the market is trading at a significantly lower volume. This indicates that trading activity has decreased. When the current trading volume is above the 20 range, the volume bar will be shown in gray. The red bar, on the other hand, indicates that the decrease in volume is less than the previous 20 candle periods.

The 20-period moving average level is shown by the dark green curve line in the middle of the indicator window. A dashed line is located above the MA level. This indicates a higher moving average level, based on a 30-period standard error. Market momentum is considered to support the current price action if the volume bar exceeds the major average level. If price breaks through a key resistance level, the indicator plots a blue volume line above the MA. This indicates that the breakout is valid and that there may be an uptrend.

This also applies to bearish reversal patterns. Before confirming a sell order, make sure the price chart shows positive volume. Consider that if a red or negative volume bar appears when the price falls, the bearish trend may end soon. Gray volume bars signify that the price may continue to move in the same direction of the trend. A red volume bar indicates that the market is consolidating and not trading.


MT4’s Hidden Gap Volume Indicator is a powerful tool for volume analysis. The indicator shows changes in market supply and demand in real time to determine the correct price momentum. It is important to filter out highly probable trading signals because financial markets can offer both strong and weak trading opportunities.

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