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MegaDroid EA was created by John Grace and Albert Perrie. This EA is quite old. It can predict the price within 2-4 hours of it changing. It is as accurate as any other. The system executes orders with high success rates. It was a popular trading software. It is similar to other EAs in that it predicts how prices will move over a short time. It can target any market that the user chooses. Forex MegaDroid EA download Developers claims 95.82% accuracy. We couldn’t find any live trading results or backtesting on their website.

Key features and aspects of the MegaDroid EA include:

  1. Algorithm: It utilizes a unique algorithm called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA) to analyze market conditions and predict potential market movements. RCTPA is designed to adapt to changing market conditions and identify trends or patterns that might lead to profitable trades.
  2. Automated Trading: MegaDroid operates as an automated trading system, meaning it can execute trades without direct human intervention. Traders need to set up the EA on their MT4 platform, configure their preferences, and the EA will analyze the market and execute trades accordingly.
  3. Scalping Strategy: The EA primarily focuses on short-term trading or scalping, aiming to capitalize on small price movements in the Forex market. It often targets smaller profits per trade but relies on a high win rate and frequent trading opportunities.
  4. Risk Management: It’s designed to incorporate risk management measures to protect the trading account from significant losses. This includes features like stop-loss orders and position sizing to manage risk exposure.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The EA typically comes with a user-friendly interface that allows traders to configure settings, adjust parameters, and monitor trading activity on their MT4 platform.

MegaDroid EA free download


  • Minimum account balance 150$
  • EURUSD Work best
  • Best to work on 1H Timeframe (work in any timeframe).

There are many possible reasons why you have experienced minimal trades for a prolonged period.

  • The pricing conditions of your broker (server delay, spread, quality, etc.) are not fair. We recommend that you try a different broker in this situation. ( Find The Perfect Broker for You HERE
  • MegaDroid robot doesn’t trade on Fridays or at weekends.
  • Verify if there are any warnings or error messages on the chart, or on Experts / Journal tabs.

The MegaDroid EA download may not trade for up to 24 hours. Non-conducive market conditions can affect any broker. You will likely agree that it is better to stand aside than to do so. It is better to stay away from uncertain conditions than to enter into low-probability trades that could result in losing.

Forex megadroid Robot RCTPA Introduction

When I began exploring the software, it was clear to me that the product of 38 years worth of experience had become a miracle. It’s a perfect combination of logic and vision. It has a simple but sophisticated interface. The interface screens are easy to navigate. It collects real-time data online. It allows you to see the Forex trading markets as they are from the perspective of a commoner.

The next two days were spent exploring the potential trading possibilities for the product. I was familiar with many other robots available on the market. Megadroid was my favorite. It is a great trading platform. Here are a few.

Accuracy: The Forex Megadroid is accurate to more than 95%. The Forex Megadroid can sense the market and the pulse of the Forex market at any moment. This forecast gives you a precise picture of the changes in value over time. The forecast has been extremely helpful in my trading. It has helped me avoid all possible risks. It also showed me the optimal way to invest in the right market at the right time.

Intelligence: The system’s intelligence is far greater than that of other systems. It can be scaled to any market size. It can be expanded to any market size. It was initially used for low-risk and low-profile markets. The profits I made the first time that I entered the high risk high-profile market were amazing and unexpected. Since then, I have not returned to smaller markets.

Strategies: The system’s developers have used the most advanced intelligence to create unparalleled strategies. The system will help you choose the best Forex strategies based on your specific goals. You can choose from both short- and long-term strategies depending on your goals.

Practicality: The Forex Megadroid system can be used in all aspects of trading. It can accurately identify all risks and threats with a precision of over 95%. Its ability to generate a variety of graphs is its most impressive feature. Based on the graph’s color and texture, you can distinguish strengths, weaknesses and opportunities from threats (SWOT). The 3-D visualization of the market’s past, present and future gives you a 3-D view. It has made Forex trading science. Many people still believe that Forex traders are the greatest gamblers.

Technology: The system uses the most recent cloud and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Tom shared details about the millions of lines of code that went into the system. Before it can be made into a program, every code has been put through rigorous market testing. It is compatible with all operating systems and hardware on your computer, even the most sophisticated. It’s accurate and completely free of any bugs.

Analytical: The system can analyze any type and size of Forex market around the globe. The system can process billions upon billions of bytes of real-time market data and perform complex calculations. The system includes an embedded software-engine that converts the results into possible investment options. Within seconds, the system will display the SWOT elements.

Exploring – The Forex Megadroid software allows you to explore all segments of the Forex market. Forecasts of profitability are based on market history, current trends, and futuristic diagnosis. It goes beyond the probabilistic theory of so-called experts. Developers seem to have discovered the seventh sense of Forex market, which clearly surpasses the six senses of an ordinary human.

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