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MegaDroid EA was developed by Albert Perrie and John Grace. It’s a little old EA. It anticipates price changes within 4 to 5 hours before they alter. It is as precise as any other. It also makes orders with a high likelihood of success. Sometime after its release, it was a top-selling trading program. Similar to other EAs that are designed, this one is made to anticipate how prices will move within a short time. It is based on the market the user is looking to focus on. Forex MegaDroid EA Developers claim 95.82 percent accuracy. We haven’t been able to find live or back-tested results on their site.

MegaDroid EA free download


  • A minimum balance on the account of 150 dollars
  • The best results are with EURUSD (work with every currency pairing).
  • The best results are achieved on the 1-H timeframe (work with any timeframe).


If you’re experiencing a lack of trades over a prolonged period, there are a variety of possibilities for the reason:

  • The conditions for pricing your broker offers (spread delays, server load, and quote quality) are not ideal. In this instance, it is recommended to try another broker. (Find the perfect broker for you here.)
  • MegaDroid robots are not trading on Fridays, during weekends, or on Mondays in the morning.
  • Examine whether you’ve got any warnings, error messages, or warnings, either on the chart or in the Experts or Journal tabs.

It’s also possible that the MegaDroid EA cannot trade for 24 to 48 hours. Whatever broker you choose because of non-conducive market conditions. We hope that you will be able to agree that staying out is important. If the conditions are uncertain, it is much better than stepping into low-risk trades, which can lead to losses.

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