Moving Average Ribbon Indicator

Moving Average Ribbon Indicator

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The Moving Average Ribbon to MT4 indicator is a blend of two different moving averages. The two moving averages form a ribbon profile based on their distance from each other. The cross section between the two moving averages functions as a trading signal. The indicator displays red and green arrows on the chart depending on bearish and bullish market conditions. Thus, Forex traders can quickly identify signals for trading and buy and sell based on them.

The Moving Average Ribbon Indicator is a visual representation of multiple moving averages (MAs) plotted on a chart. Instead of displaying just one or two MAs, this indicator overlays several moving averages with varying periods, creating a “ribbon” effect on the chart.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Multiple Moving Averages: The ribbon comprises numerous MAs with different periods. For instance, it might include shorter-term MAs like 9-day, 20-day, and 50-day MAs, along with longer-term ones like 100-day and 200-day MAs.
  2. Visual Clarity: As these MAs are plotted on the same chart, the ribbon visually represents the interaction between various moving averages. When the shorter-term MAs are above the longer-term ones, it may signal a bullish trend, while the opposite situation might indicate a bearish trend.
  3. Trend Identification: Traders use the Moving Average Ribbon to identify the strength and direction of a trend. A clear separation between the MAs in the ribbon might indicate a robust and sustained trend, while a tangled or flat ribbon could suggest a lack of clear trend direction.
  4. Crossovers and Confirmations: Crossovers between moving averages within the ribbon, such as shorter-term MAs crossing over longer-term ones, could signal potential buy or sell opportunities. Some traders wait for confirmation, such as multiple MAs aligning in a specific order, before making trading decisions.

Moving Average Ribbon Indicator

The indicator displays ribbons and red and green arrows, which makes it simple for beginner forex traders to utilize the indicator. However, experienced forex traders can use the indicator to create complex trading strategies using technical tools. In addition, the indicator performs well on price charts for intraday trading as well as on daily or weekly price charts. This means that the indicator is very suitable for scalpers and traders with long-term or short-term views. In addition, Forex traders are able to install the tool for free and with ease.

Moving Average Band Indicator Trading Signals for MT4

MT4 platform’s moving average indicator. The indicator shows the trading up arrow indicator in green and the down arrow in red.

If the indicator shows a green arrow in the price chart, this indicates the beginning of an uptrend in the market. Therefore, traders on the Forex market should use a stop loss below the previous swing low to make purchase trades. The indicator does not provide an income target, so a trader trading Forex can profit with a favorable risk-reward ratio or even with another trading signal.

Likewise, if the indicator shows a red arrow within the price chart, it marks the beginning of a bearish trend. Therefore, traders should start trading at an open position and place orders to stop trading above the previous swing highs.

Forex traders can use this indicator to determine the direction of the trend on higher time frame charts. Use the lower time frame charts to find the ideal entry point. In turn, this helps technical forex traders identify major trends and stay within the trend’s trajectory. By staying in the direction of the trend, the chances of false signals are reduced and the trader’s chances of winning are increased.


MT4’s Moving Average Banding Indicator uses moving average crossovers to detect bear and bull markets. In addition, buy and sell signals are displayed on the chart in the form of arrows. They are easy to recognize and trade according to the signals. In addition, the indicator is free to download and easy to install.

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