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MT4 Currency Power Indicator

MT4 Currency Power Indicator

This MT4 forex power indicator can be described as a variant of the currency strength gauge. The indicator uses very little resources and calculates results quickly. Additionally, the indicator shows results in accordance with the currency’s strength, which helps traders understand the strongest and weakest currencies in a single glance. It also displays the currencies that are on the prices in different shade. Thus, forex traders will be aware of the bearish and bullish nature of currencies and buy and sell the currencies accordingly.

Forex traders are able to place the indicator in any time frame chart since the indicator is not dependent on any timeframe. In addition this indicator is designed for novice and advanced forex traders. The novice forex trader can comprehend the value of the currencies and can identify the most profitable currencies to purchase and SELL. But, more experienced forex traders are able to use the power of currency to develop sophisticated trading strategies. In addition, forex traders can download the indicator at no cost and set it up easily.

MT4 Currency Power Indicator

MT4 Currency Power Indicator Trade Setup

candlestick price chart that shows the currency power indicator MT4 in action. The results are also displayed presented in a square column of the chart. In addition, the indicator displays the currency on the current graph in an alternate hue.

The highest value is the most bullish currency, while the lowest is that the currency is most negative. Thus, forex traders can combine the bearish and bullish currencies to create a pair and then trade them according to the direction of the pair. Then, they can exit the trade when the currency’s strength is reversed.

For instance, traders could make a BUY trade when the currency that is the primary one in the trade has highest powerful bullish potential and set an order to stop the trade below the previous low of the swing. If the currency of the primary currency is weak or the currency used by the secondary of the pair increases its strength and traders decide to quit the transaction. On the other hand traders can make profit with a favorable risk-reward ratio.

In the same way, if traders already have entered a position, they may use the power of the currency to track the trade. The indicator will show the currency pairs in various shades, which helps traders recognize the pair. Forex traders should be wary of trading currencies that have equal or nearly identical power. To get the best results traders should select the strongest currency, which means trading the most bullish currency against the one that is most bearish.


MT4 Currency Power indicator (CPI) is an indispensable tool for forex traders that utilizes the strength to discern bearish and bullish currencies. In fact, the concept of putting one of the best against another trading technique is utilized by a lot of forex traders.

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