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  • Safeboot 2.PRO 3 Auto EA Cost $900 Free Download

    Posted by s on March 25, 2021 at 20:21

    RELIABILITY: The continuously tested professional robot Safebot2 is scalable and protects your money as it has served us and our clients for three consecutive years.

    Simplicity and profitability: The SafeBot2 robot is simple to use, intuitive and ready to be mastered even by school children and housewives, with a monthly yield of 3% to 150%!

    Versatility Safebot2 allows you to make money in any market, be it currencies, CFDs, metals, cryptocurrencies and other instruments!

    Predictability Safebot2 is the only trading robot that allows you to check possible profits, losses and make informed decisions before you trade!

    Flexibility: Safebot2 gives you the opportunity to choose an instrument to determine the minimum risk and the best profitability. Since there is no minimum deposit required, you can use the robot on any account.

    Full control of the situation: Safebot2 will independently calculate the number of lots, open trades, set take profit and stop loss according to your risk parameters. Close trades, tighten stops and limit losses!

    Variability: You can use the Safebot2 robot in combination with any trading system, thus increasing its profitability by two or more times. The built-in capital protection mechanism gives you confidence in the security of your deposits.

    Simple and profitable auto trading strategy

    Even beginners can quickly master the robot and start making money with it, as it is very easy to determine the direction of the trend within the specified time frame. Moreover, the robot will do all the work by itself – it will find the best entry points, solve rollback problems, accompany profitable trades and clear losses in positive numbers. It will trade at exactly the right time.

    The only robot that can shape human trends

    Are you a beginner and don’t know what a trend is? No problem, the robot will draw a trend channel for you and recommend the desired trade direction. All you have to do is click the “Start” button.

    You can configure any trading system

    If you are used to trading manually, but do not have enough emotional stability to accompany your trades, entrust the Safe bot 2 robot to your trading system. Yes, you heard it right. The robot is universal and can be flexibly configured for any strategy (trend and flat charts)

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