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By using the 500 pips per week system” creates over 500 pips per week. I take advantage of currency pairs that are highly volatile with an average of at least 100 pips over a 60 day period. 60 day range of at least 100 pips. Therefore, there are more opportunities to earn a sufficient number of pips. Also, the daily range is the number of pips a currency pair can move in a day.

There are such opportunities every week, with the right system!

500 Pips A Week Indicator

An extremely simple and fast profitable system
(You can trade this system in less than 20 minutes!)

Very easy to learn, as it simplifies your interest by using arrows that indicate buy/sell.
(No learning required (just follow the step-by-step trading instructions!) Or use a weekly trading volume of 500 pips.
MT4 indicators are integrated into the entire system.

500 Pips A Week Indicator

You can use any broker to create charts (works with MT4).
( Use your current broker and don’t need any special platform to trade!)

The ability to trade any currency pair
(You will be able to grab every opportunity for every currency pair!)

Ability to trade any time frame (for the best results… Use H4 or D1)!
(Even better if you have a day job…)
You can also trade higher timeframes and earn some points in your free time!)

It is available for immediate download in PDF format (you can start in a few minutes!) .

500 Pips A Week Indicator

Keeps you out of “volatile” market periods
(You no longer get angry when the market throws out your account. Only join when you’re “just right”!)

We all know that the Forex market is really 24/7.

You can earn over 500 pips per week. Important Factors.
Morning hours. There are times when some currency pairs are very active and others are not moving, but they fall into range patterns. We need to understand why?

Fundamentals, News
Since news drives the market, we must understand the economic calendar, which provides us with a list of various news related to various currencies.

Previous weekly highs as well as lows.
The weekly and monthly highs and lows are the most important factors in this business. It is essential to draw these numbers into your market entry charts. The highs and lows of these charts are the most important S&R levels.


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