Day Trading Scalping Trading System






is a new and unique trading software designed for day trading/scalping/swing trading. It features the most innovative and advanced dual trend analysis module and the latest and very effective market movement forecasting algorithms.

The main purpose of this software is to make your trading life easier and simpler. This technology makes it smarter and faster. You don’t need to calculate and perform long analysis, the software will do all this for you.

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Day Trading Scalping Trading System

Real-Time Notifications
Instant notifications to your MT4, mobile or email, so you can still make profits while you are away from your PC.

Signals never lag or redraw.

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What is scalping in intraday trading?

Day traders utilizing scalping strategies are trying to do the same thing as ticket scalpers. Big wins are not the goal. Instead, stock scalpers want to accumulate dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of small wins to make a profit. Positions are opened and closed in a time frame of minutes to seconds, and profits are taken quickly.

This means they have to enter and exit trades within minutes or even seconds. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to holding a stock for several hours.

Scalpers are usually advised not to trade too big or become greedy, as these are easy ways to lose money quickly.

Scalpers make decisions based mainly on the following factors.
Trading popular stocks daily based on a watch list you create
Buy on a breakout and see an immediate rise on entry
Sell quickly if it doesn’t go up
Once you have made a small profit, sell half and adjust the exit to the entry point of your remaining position, ensuring high accuracy
Make 3-5 trades until you reach your daily target.

Liquidity is also an important aspect of scalping, given that traders enter and exit trades multiple times on the same day. In addition, it ensures that the trader gets the best price when entering and exiting the trade.

Another way to make money is to set a target amount of profit per trade, which should be related to the stock price. Scalpers should have a profit/loss ratio of more than 50% in order to make a profit, contrary to other intraday trading methods where you can still make money even if the profit/loss is relatively low.

What does it take to execute a scalping trade?

Since scalping requires lightning fast trade execution, you need to find software and brokers that can handle the load.

No commissions or massive discounts – scalpers typically execute hundreds of trades per day. Imagine charging a fixed commission on every trade? Your profits will soon be eaten up by the rising cost of trading. To scalp successfully, a zero-commission broker is the ideal choice.

Direct Market Access – Since scalpers profit from bid-ask spreads and/or small price movements, timing is critical. Direct market access is a must because scalpers need to profit from a high percentage of trades in order to make money. When you are trading hundreds of stocks a day, you need to know exactly when and where your trades will be executed.

As we keep mentioning, speed is critical for scalpers. Using 5-minute candlesticks is not very helpful when positions are opened and closed in less than two minutes. Scalpers need real-time price updates and 1-minute charts in order to trade successfully.

Stamina and quick thinking – be prepared to log a full day behind the screen looking for opportunities. You also need the flexibility to exit non-working trades, as kryptonite can be costly for stock scalpers.

Speed and precision are the keys to scalp trading. If you don’t have a broker that offers direct market access or low/zero commissions, you may be too expensive to trade to make the strategy worthwhile.


Scalping is not a bold or innovative trading strategy, but it is a strategy that has been successfully implemented by multi-day traders. Scalping minimizes your risk of loss and allows for profitable trading in even the flattest markets.

However, if you want to get rich overnight, you may not be one of those success stories. Scalpers need to accept small wins and only consider the next trade.

This may sound easy on paper, but scalping strategies can kill traders who don’t have enough experience to handle emotions.

Set profit targets before executing each trade and sell quickly if your expected move doesn’t happen.



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