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Fundamentals of Day Trading

Day trading is usually the practice of buying and selling securities within a single trading day. It can occur in any market, but is common in the foreign exchange and stock markets. Day traders are generally well educated in finance and well capitalized. They use high levels of leverage and short-term trading strategies to take advantage of the small price fluctuations that occur in highly liquid stocks or currencies.

Day traders understand the events that trigger short-term market fluctuations. Trading on news is a common method. Scheduled announcements, such as economic data, corporate earnings and interest rate settings, are dependent on market expectations and market psychology. When these expectations do not materialize or are over-inflated, the market reacts, usually with dramatic and sudden changes, which can be very beneficial to day traders.

Characteristics of a day trader

Professional day traders – those who trade for a living, not just as a hobby than – are usually highly regarded in the industry.2 They also typically have a deep understanding of the markets. Here are a few of the elements needed to be a successful day trader

Expertise and experience with the markets

People who try to day trade without a full understanding of the market fundamentals usually make mistakes and lose money. Technical aspects of analysis as well as chart analysis are excellent techniques that day traders need to master. However, without a thorough understanding of the market and its specific dangers, charts can be misleading. Be sure to understand the specific aspects and nuances of the commodities you are trading.


Traders must have an edge over other traders in the market. Day traders utilize a variety of strategies such as swing trading, arbitrage and trading the news. They can refine their strategies until they generate consistently high profits and reduce losses.


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