ADX Scalping Forex Trading System


Amount Of Time 5m, 1min.

Unit of currency sets: primary. Indicators:

Car pivot;.


MTF Acquire Offer;.

ADX Crossing;.

ADX Pubs;.

Dual CCI;.

Maksigen Kahaij;.



Trigger collections;.

WPR Slow.

Prosedur Pemakaian;.


1. Perhatikan ADX(12), garis.
merah memotong garis biru disertai garis ijo sedang mengarah ke atas, apabila garis merah dan hijau menembus garis kuning(25) berarti style kuat.

2. Leave selambat-lambatnya apabila garis merah berpotongan dengan garis.


Sebaliknya dan untuk garis hijau posisi sama seperti Offer.

* Dapat digunakan untuk investing dengan Volume/ Great deal 1/4 atau 1/3 dari modal,.
karena resiko pip merah sangat rendah.

* TF rekomendasi 1M dan 5M.

  • Cukup dengan 100 pip perhari maka akan mendapat earnings 100% lebih dlm 1.

English ( equate).



1. Keep in mind ADX.
(12), the reddish line intercrosses heaven along with eco-friendly.
pipes are actually moving to the peak, if the reddish as well as eco-friendly pipes with the yellowish pipe (25) implies a powerful style.

2. Leave at the most up to date when the reddish product line converges heaven.


In comparison to the eco-friendly product line as well as the exact same placement as Offer.

* Could be made use of for investing along with Volume/ Great deal 1/4 or even 1/3 of the funds, given that.
the danger is actually really reduced reddish pips.

* TF on 1M as well as 5M.

* Sufficient along with 100 pip time they will certainly receive 100% even more earnings in 1.
full week.

Aware s ADX Scalping Currency Investing Device at work.

ADX Scalping Forex Trading System
ADX Scalping Forex Trading System
  • System: Metatrader4
  • Unit of currency sets: Any type of sets, marks as well as steels
  • Investing Opportunity: All the time
  • Suggested broker: icmarkets, XM
  • Exactly how to set up MT4 red flag?
  • 1. On the desktop computer, double-click to open up the MT4 investing system program you put up.
  • 2. Select “Submit” – “Open Information File” in the top nigh side section, double-click the MQL4 directory, as well as double-click the Indicators directory
  • 3. Replicate the metrics you need to have to set up to the Indicators directory
  • 4. Open up MT4, discover “Sat nav” in the show food selection, after that click on “Technical Indicators” of “Sat nav” as well as correct click on to freshen, you will certainly view the red flag merely replicated.
  • 5. In the “Technical Indicators” of “Sat nav”, discover the red flag data merely put up, dual click on or even click on by hand to the graph home window

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