Ifractal Channel Indicator

Ifractal Channel Indicator

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An indicator consisting of 2 lines. The line is silver, however, you can change it to show clear signals. The indicator consists of two lines that form the channel you use to identify market trends and determine buy and sell signals.

Ifractal Channel Indicator How to use the indicator to identify buy and sell signals

The indicator provides sell and buy signals based on the slope and direction of the channel. Channel bands can also be used as support and resistance levels.

Buy Signals

The indicator provides a buy indication when the direction of the indicator is up. You can buy when the price action is near the lower limit of the channel, when the channel seems to be in an uptrend. This means that you are entering at a volatile low.

Sell Signals

Buy when the trend is down and the price is close to that upper limit.

Ifractal Channel Indicator

Examples of real-life trades

This indicator creates a wraparound channel that surrounds the price action. It signals a sell when the price is in the upper part of this band, as well as when the channel slopes downwards.

Also, be ready to invest when the price reaches the lower half of the band, indicating that the channel is heading upwards.

If the probability is flat, it is best to stay away from the market. This indicates that the market has been consolidating, but no trend is forming.


The fractal channel is an ideal trading tool for a variety of strategies, such as trend traders. It forms a channel between two lines. It provides a buy signal when the price crosses the upper band , and a sell signal when the price is at the lower line. It can be used to boost the signals of other indicators.

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