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Advanced Currency Strength 28 Indicator is available for all 28 currency pairs. This is a new formula, very new features are Market Momentum and Dynamic Market Fibonacci Levels, adapted to the current market activity! Market Momentum is the 9th line. This is a huge advantage and something new in Forex trading. As you learn how to use proprietary features such as Market Momentum and Dynamic Market Fibonacci, you will be able to determine if you want to trade with the trend, look for a trend continuation or a pullback.

The Currency Strength Line is very smooth over all timeframes and works well when using a higher timeframe to identify the overall trend and then a shorter timeframe to determine precise entry points. You can choose any timeframe you need. Each time frame has its own optimizations.

Based on a new underlying algorithm, it makes it much easier to identify and confirm potential trades. This is due to the fact that it graphically displays whether the strength of a currency is increasing or not as well as its past performance. These features are designed to help you not only identify strong and weak currencies more easily, but also show you when to trade, when not to trade and when to take profits.

Currency Strength Indicator Currency Strength Indicator Currency Strength Indicator


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