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Be amazed by how Trade Command Center delivers 92-95% of actual winning trades across the board. Stay with me for the next few minutes and I’ll explain. The Signal Service seems like a brilliant idea: you get “confirmed” trade entries and exits, so you don’t have to spend hours researching and doing complex calculations to catch the waves. Artificial intelligence can be good for many things. Algorithms can be programmed to scan for signals, calculate entry and exit points, and even tell you how much you can safely risk. …… They can dump terabytes of data in your lap every hour. You know what artificial intelligence can’t do? Be flexible and adapt to rapidly changing conditions. In short, software can’t manage your transactions for you efficiently. Why? Because an algorithm can only do what it is programmed to do: provide data and filter it through perhaps one or two levels. That’s it. Great, if the price runs on a pretty good straight line between point A and point B …… but what happens between these automated entry and exit signals?

Toshko Raychev Fortunatus FX & Trade Assistant

Toshko’s Brand New Program, Fortunaatus FX Retail: $499

Toshko Trade Command Fortuatus System Toshko Trade Command Fortuatus System Toshko Trade Command Fortuatus System

Over the course of seven weeks, Toshko made 36 trades.

He won 34 of those trades with an average profit of $5,629.50 per trade.

He won 23 trades in a row, making over $117,000, and only lost twice.

Toshko Trade Command Fortuatus System


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