b clock mt4

b clock mt4

The b clock mt4 indicator it tells you the amount of time left for the current candlestick to end. This indicator is an essential tool for traders who are just starting out in trading. It can help them when they don’t know the length of time they have left in the market until the candle expires.

This indicator was created to make it easier for traders. If you use the MT4 clock , then you don’t have to look at the price charts all day long. Because b clock mt4 indicator will tell you exactly when to notice an open candle. This indicator is ideal for traders who use price action and rely on candlesticks to make trading decisions.

In addition, the b clock mt4 indicator. This means that you can apply it to any time frame between the weekly and 1-minute charts that you use on the MT4 platform. In addition, it works on all types of traded assets, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex and many others.

How does the b clock mt4 indicator work in MT4 charts?

b clock mt4

Once you have downloaded and installed the b clock mt4 indicator on the MT4 platform, the chart will appear similar to the one above.

On the right side of the chart you will see an uncomplicated numeric text showing the time remaining for the current price candle to close. For example, if the text reads 37:6, this indicates that the candle will close in exactly 37 minutes and 6 seconds. It also provides specific information about the candle closing time, written in text form on the left side of the chart.

b clock mt4 indicator charts are automatically adjusted. For example, when switching between the H1 time frame and the H4 time frame, the clock will adjust to the new chart and show the time remaining for the closing of the H4 candle in the current market.

How does the B Clock Correction Indicator work?

b clock mt4

It is B Clock Correction Indicator has an extremely simple algorithm that extracts time information from the broker’s server. It then subtracts the time feed by subtracting the opening time of the next candle. The result will be the remaining time until the candle is closed.

How to use MT4’s B Clock Modifier indicator

It is worth noting that there are no adjustable settings for the B Clock Modified indicator. This is due to the fact that the indicator is extremely simple and there is no need to change any settings in its algorithm.

This B Clock Modified indicator can be utilized by scalpers and day traders, especially on smaller timeframes. This is because most day traders and scalpers rely heavily on market timing. If prices move in an unnatural way, the signals they use may be cancelled within minutes. This usually happens with trading signals that consist of price action and candlestick patterns that are subject to reversal. However, this often happens with trading signals built on technical indicators. This is due to the fact that most technical indicators are redrawn, especially when the algorithm runs continuously, and not just at candle closes.

Here are the steps to add the “b-clock” indicator to your MetaTrader 4 chart:

  1. Open MetaTrader 4 on your computer.
  2. Make sure you are connected to your trading account.
  3. In the top menu, go to “Insert” and then select “Indicators.” From the dropdown menu, navigate to “Custom” and then choose “b-clock.”
  4. Once selected, the “b-clock” indicator will appear on your chart.
  5. You can customize the appearance and settings of the indicator by right-clicking on the chart, selecting “Indicators List,” and then choosing “b-clock.” In the “Parameters” tab, you can modify settings such as colors, font size, and display options.

The “b-clock” indicator typically shows the time remaining in a format like “hh:mm:ss” (hours:minutes:seconds) until the completion of the current bar. It can be particularly helpful for traders who rely on time-based analysis or have specific time-based trading strategies.


According to our review, B-Clock Modified indicator is an ideal tool for price action traders. Maybe you are expecting a bullish candle on the 4-hour EURUSD chart, and this MT4 clock will tell you exactly how long you need to wait until the candle closes.

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