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Better Volume New Alerts Indicator

Better Volume New Alerts Indicator

One of the most popular volume based indicators in the market is the Better Volume New Alerts indicator. It is a technical tool that determines the balance of supply and demand for securities. It can also distinguish between actual and expected trading volume. It can also distinguish between the expected average trading volume.

This indicator is excellent for analyzing market trends, price fluctuations, and for determining the likelihood of potential trade setups. It is also useful for traders’ day trading.

This latest version is easy to read and use and is ideal for beginners.

This guide will show you how to use Better Volume to buy-sell. It also includes charting examples and MetaTrader4 settings.

How to use Better Volume Indicator in MetaTrader4 to identify buy-sell signals
There are two general types of volume indicators available on the market.

Better Volume New Alerts Indicator

Real Volume.

Indicators track price movements for each tick within a specified time period. The Real indicator, on the other hand, calculates the total volume traded during the candlestick formation period. Live Volume Live volume is used to trade stock items. It is difficult to calculate the trading volume of Forex instruments. Therefore, for Forex day traders.

It is crucial to understand the relationship between price and volume before using volume-based indicators in the real market. A volume-based indicator does not generate buy and sell signals. It gives you market insight showing the balance between supply and demand for an asset.

The chart above shows that price initially refused to go lower, but then rebounded upward. Volume is also increasing (1), supporting the bullish trend in price. This setup suggests that price may continue its bullish trend.

The second setup shows price rejecting a bearish move. Instead, it plots several bullish pin bars. A large volume increase (2) supports these rejections well. Later the price bounced upwards supported by positive volume.

On the third setup, volume increased (3), but the price did not move higher. Volume does not support a bullish price trend. These conditions would be considered as a trend reversal setup.

Better Volume New Alerts Indicator


The Better Volume Alerts indicator for day trading is an important MT4 tool. It is used to monitor the distribution and accumulation of trading assets. The indicator also shows a simple graphical representation of the state of market volume, which is a great advantage for novice Forex and stock traders.

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