forex scalping strategy 2019

forex scalping strategy 2019

1. Wait for the DIVERGENCE bullish or bearish
2. This has to be followed up by GREEN or RED buffer signal for a trade to be taken

These 2 simple conditions have to occur. The order is VERY important. The Buffer signal is the primary Indy here guys. Ignore the other divergence signal if the buffer colour do not match. Ok, here are the exit rules.

1. You can click out if you are happy with your profit. Scalping trades are normally from 2pips – 10pips
2. I recommend that you exit on the opposite signal.
3. If not go for blocks of 3 pips TP with 5-8% risk per trade. Not more!

Please note that your stop loss is the opposite signal.

I will explain this in the next few threads.

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PS: Avoid trading during news releases and also avoid OVER TRADING! Scalping is good for those who have the experience of doing it & who can control themselves when daily target is met. My goal is to make 4-8% of my account daily.

I will code this strategy in coming days to an EA which i will lease to any interested parties. Attached are the indicators and template i use.

ENJOY this simple strategy, trade safe and be very happy always!

PLEASE NOTE: my goal is to make 40 pips a day! … Average win per trade is 5 pips. So i simply make 8 trades and am done for the day! Image (click to enlarge)

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