forex scalping strategy 5 min

forex scalping strategy 5 min

Any pair, I prefer EUR/USD
Time frame: 5 Min
5 EMA High
5 EMA Low
(See attachments for the Template)


Entry sell: If a candle opens ABOVE the 5 EMA high SELL

Entry Buy: If a candle opens BELOW the 5 EMA BUY

Take profit: 5 pips or take what you can get!

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Stop loss: I use 8 as stop loss but i’m unsure on this one, any suggestions would be appreciated!

Please read all posts before you start trading, there’s alot of usefull information!

[B]Entry example, result example, template and an optional indicator to see time left on each candle is attached below[/B]
Note: I did not take all the trades in the Result example, it’s just an example of trade opportunities

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