FX VENOM PRO Indicator free download

FX VENOM PRO for free download

FX VENOM PRO for free download

FX VENOM PRO is a non-redrawing indicator designed to profit from major and minor trends. The indicator captures very fast and profitable price movements and provides you with simple buy/sell signals. fx venom pro offers three common alerts so that you don’t miss a single trade.

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It can be used straight away even by complete beginners in forex. You don’t have to be a pro to use it. Just load one of the 3 different Templeton charts.

The FX VENOM PRO system offers 3 different templates for 3 different risk levels.

FXV_RISK1 – is the safest. It is less risky, slower to enter the market, but easier to filter than other signals. Choose this template if you want to make smaller but more certain profits.

FXV_RISK2 – is the most balanced template. Higher risk, faster market entry than the previous template, but still at a safe/medium risk level. This model is ideal for typical day trading.

FXV_RISK3 – is the most aggressive template. It provides faster signals while increasing the risk. Choose this template only if you are an experienced trader, or if you have spent enough time with the trading system.

  • FX VENOM PRO Indicator free download



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