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The German Sniper indicator is a forex trading indicator that provides simple buy/sell signals with take profit and stop loss in the chart. It is usually sold at a price of $49 for a lifetime. If you are looking for an effective scalping strategy or want to earn at least 50 pips per day, this is an excellent option.

Using mathematical algorithmic market analysis, the indicator utilises smart technology to ensure that trades are taken within safe zones with minimal drawdown. The indicator analyses the market for you and then displays precise buy and sell entry points with stop loss and target.

This indicator makes your analysis more precise and your trading more accurate. Thank you to the advanced trend analysis algorithm, it helps you to recognise the market trend and you can then trade in line with the biggest traders.

Fully automated – The indicator analyses the market for you and shows exact buy and sell entries along with goals and stops. If you’re looking for an effective scalping strategy or to earn minimum 50 pips every day this German Sniper Forex indicator is the ideal option for you.

german sniper indicator mt4 german sniper indicator mt4

How to Use German Sniper Forex Trading Indicator

The indicator that this one is most suitable option to use for Nas100 the XAUUSD, GER30/40/DAX as well as GER30 because of its very little drawdown, and its the ability to detect massive Reversals on forex charts .

We recommend making use of this German Sniper V1 on 4 Hours Time frame and concentrate on long-term trading. (You are likely to earn profit over the long term.)

Make trades on the section that is marked as buy entry/sell Entry.

We would also suggest having two trades: one take profits at the mark and the second trade taking profits at the halfway point. (Or just end the trade at mid-point)


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