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The Gold Trade Pro EA applies a volatility strategy specifically designed for markets that exhibit flat conditions approximately 80-90% of the time. This trading approach is optimized for the XAUUSD (GOLD) currency pair and aims to capitalize on its unique characteristics.

The main strategy used by the Gold Trade Pro EA focuses on trend selling. The TrendLine PRO indicator serves as an important input signal for trade execution. Using this indicator, the EA recognizes trends in the market and can strategically take short positions to profit from potential price movements.

This trend selling strategy is aligned with the inherent characteristics of the XAUUSD currency pair and provides a customized approach to managing the dynamics of the gold market. The focus on trend identification and the use of the TrendLine PRO indicator underlines the EA’s commitment to making informed trading decisions to achieve profitable outcomes within set market conditions.

EA any variety can be used without limitations.
We recommend gold.

Original price: $199

Version: 4.9

EA trading opens the first order based on the indicator signal and sets the TP at the specified level, but if the price does not reach the TP level and retraces, it automatically opens another order that brings the total TP level closer to the entry point.

The robot’s trading panel allows the user to open orders manually. The advisor integrates them into a series of order systems and closes them as separate orders with a common price target.

Gold Trade Pro EA

Gold Trade Pro EA Gold Trade Pro EA

Advantages of the intelligent trading system Gold Trade Pro EA:

EA trades almost every day

Can be integrated with Expert Advisors from other experts and trading systems. Compatible with other Expert Advisors and trading systems

EA includes trading panels that allow traders to open trades manually

Every trade opened via the panel is monitored and automatically closed by EA Trading

How to set up Gold Trade Pro EA:

Simply connect the EA trades to the XAUUSD M15 charts and activate the EA trades as well as the auto-trading feature of Meta Trader. Meta Terminal Trader.

To activate the news filter, you need to add the website address in the Meta Trader settings. You can find a more detailed description at:

A permanent Internet connection and a virtual private server are essential for the Advisor to function smoothly.

Only use hedge accounts and a leverage of 1:200 or more.

Brokers with low spreads are recommended. Minimum deposit $1000 or cents for cents (micro) accounts

How to check Gold Trade Pro EA Expert Advisor:

Before you test, make sure you use the XAUUSD symbol is a price history. You can use the first day’s price or 1M OCHL to determine if an example. EA is trading at its initial price.

To speed up the test, uncheck the options in the Show panel, Calculate profit and Show break-even line settings. You can use the default settings to create M15 charts.

How to stay away from unpleasant market volatility:

To exclude price movements that are strongly trending, EA Trading has a higher timeframe filter (higher timeframe filter) that only allows new trades to be opened if the current timeframe’s signals match the trend of the previous timeframes.

Set up a news filter so that ADVISER stops trading in the event of important news reports.

Historical data is no guarantee of similar results in the near future.

Applying proper money management principles and hedging risks will bring you regular results in the Forex market.

Fake products offered on the Internet are not authentic products and do not correspond to the advisor’s strategy.


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