Quantum Emperor MT4






Quantum Emperor EA v4.2 uses a unique approach that continuously splits a trade into six smaller trades. This means that every time the EA executes a trade, it automatically splits it into smaller segments.

Quantum Emperor EA sets itself apart from other expert advisors with its unique method of dealing with losing trades. Unlike traditional strategies that rely solely on stop-loss orders to prevent losses, Quantum Emperor EA uses sophisticated techniques to effectively manage losing positions.When you are faced with a losing batch of six trades, instead of closing them immediately, Quantum Emperor EA splits the position into smaller positions. It uses the profits from the winning trades to slowly close the losses, one by one, until they are effectively eliminated.

With this innovative strategy, Quantum Emperor EA can optimize its risk management, reduce losses and potentially turn losses into profits. By exploiting the potential of smaller positions and redistributing profits, Quantum Emperor EA demonstrates a greater degree of resilience and adaptability in the most challenging market conditions.


Currency pair: GBPUSD
Timeframe: H1
Minimum deposit: $1000
Account type: ECN, Raw or Razor, with very low spreads.
Broker: IC Markets, Pepperstone with Raw and Razor accounts with the low spreads
Important: It is very important to use accounts with low spreads to achieve optimal results!
Type of account: Hedge


Each trade is hedged with 250 pips SL
The exit strategy includes the use of a trailing stop and an H1 chart
The orders are split into seven smaller orders. The losing orders are closed with the profits from the winning orders
The autolot function is integrated
Easy to install, requires no changes to settings, default settings work with brokers using GMT+2 and DST server time. If your broker uses a different server time, only minor adjustments need to be made to the time setting.

Quantum Emperor MT4


Quantum Emperor MT4

Quantum Emperor EA provides traders with a reliable solution for risk management and profit potential thanks to its unique loss management and trade splitting features that make it stand out among the top advisors, making it an indispensable tool to tackle a range of market conditions.


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