New Stable Profit MaxTrio EA

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The new MaxTrio EA with stable profit The Multi-Currency Expert Advisor (EA) presented here is designed for trading multiple currency pairs. It has specific guidelines for trading the AUDCAD, GBPCAD, EURGBP, EURUSD and AUDNZD pairs. It has been running successfully with real accounts since 2017 and is characterized by a high degree of stability and reliability.

Trading approach:

The EA focuses on corrective trends and evaluates the severity of the trend and makes trading volume decisions according to an exclusive formula developed by the creator. Each currency pair has an individual trading strategy that is automatically applied to the EA.

Price: $299

Content:Expert: New Stable Profit MaxTrio.ex4 v2.3

Main features:

A number of positions have the same take profit, which is calculated by analyzing the corrective movement for each trading instrument.
The trading recommendation for the day starts at $1500 and has a minimum trading volume of 0.01 lots.
The EA is not based on martingale strategies, which makes it a safer choice for traders.
It takes into account swaps and commissions, which ensures the accuracy of the profitability calculation.
This EA does not use scalping and is not influenced by economic developments, resulting in more stable trading conditions.
The size of the spread is not a factor in its performance.

Installation and use To use the EA, you need to place it on the charts of one of the currency pairs and on any timeframe. Once installed, the EA will trade independently on any other currency pair using the correct trading strategies.

New Stable Profit MaxTrio EA


Lots: Allows you to select the trade volume.
Magic: Gives the advisor’s trades a magic number.
Maximum traded pairs Maximum number of pairs in trade: This is the number of currency pairs that can be traded simultaneously.
Slippage: Determines the amount of slippage that is allowed.
Comments on orders: Provides feedback on orders.
Swap: Takes swap rates into account when calculating profitability.
Commission Spreads: These are the accounts for spreads or commissions in the profitability calculation.

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