TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA (Robot)

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1) First This EA will take confirmation from STRENGTH, Then it will look for HL (High & Low). After getting confirmation from HL it will check TREND Confirmation of 5Mins & 15Mins time frame. If all 3 time frames are on the same direction then only it will look for MOMENTUM or else EA will keep checking TREND. In Momentum, I set 1min, 5Mins, 15Mins, 30mins and 1hr time frame, Here all time frame will cross check one another like 5Mins, 15Mins, 30Mins and 1Hour, same at 5Mins,15Mins 30Mins and 1Hr will do, And finally Advanced Currency Meter 4.0 confirmation. So overall this EA will keep checking every individual confirmation from Strength to Momentum. If any single confirmation will be missing EA will not place any single trade.

2) Advance Currency Meter version 4.0 is on next level. Here you can see UP, DOWN and 2 way Arrow. Suppose USD is at 7.5 or 8.0 value at Advance Currency Meter version 4.0 but arrow is down which signifies USD will become Bearish. And Suppose AUD is having 1.5 or 1.0 value and showing UP Arrow it means trend is changing from down to up. And 2 way Arrow signifies trend changing from up to down or down to up.

3) After getting all previous confirmation from Strength, HL, Trend, Momentum, then Advance Currency Meter it will place trade for Buy or Sell.

4) As you can see Max Profit, Max Loss, Target Profit i have mentioned in the EA. MAX Profit and Loss will show you how much maximum profit and loss made by this EA on the current running trade. Target profit is the same that i have mentioned in the parameter above.

5) Simply drag n drop the EA from Expert Advisor list in one of your chart and Enable the Auto Trading mode of your MT4. Rest EA will handle everything. Automatically it will take trade when ever it will get signal from all 5 Confirmations.


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