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full MT4 trading system (8 indicators, 2 templates, pdf user manual)

Take a look at a recent EURUSD 5-minute trade from today – a straightforward yet highly successful transaction.

Take a look at a recent EURUSD 5-minute trade from today – a straightforward yet highly successful transaction.

Ultra Blue Forex

This trade wasn’t just profitable; it was a breeze to identify, execute, and secure a 4:1 target.



We started with a standard 2% risk and ended up growing the account by a whopping 24%

But here’s the kicker: we didn’t just set it and forget it.

We used a secret strategy that most traders miss – adding to winning positions.

Forget taking off pieces of your position when your trade moves in your favor. That’s like leaving money on the table!

Instead, we doubled down on the USDCAD at key points, locking in even more gains and multiplying our profits by 12 times!

Here’s how it unfolded:

  • First bite: We snagged a sweet 6:1 win by entering at the perfect moment.
  • Second helping: We doubled down with a 4:1 beauty, capitalizing on the momentum.
  • Bonus dessert: Finally, we secured a 2:1 bonus to rack up a total of 12x our risk! (Check out the chart below to see how it played out.)

Ultra Blue Forex

Now, you might be thinking, “adding to positions sounds risky!”  But don’t worry, we’re not talking about reckless gambling.

We use proven techniques to minimize risk and maximize profits, like:

  • High-probability entry points: We only add when the stars align, and the trade is primed for further gains.
  • Strict risk management: When the second position is added, we moved the first trade to break even, and even into profit.
  • Proven profit-taking strategies: We know when to lock in those sweet profits and walk away with a smile on our face and money in the account.

If you’re ready to ditch the peanut-sized profits and crack open the potential for HUGE gains, then Ultra Blue Forex is your answer.

As a member of Ultra Blue Forex, you will be able to replicate this trade as many times as you want.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The exact entry and exit techniques we used on the USDCAD trade (and more!)
  • Proven risk management strategies to keep your capital safe.
  • My personal trading secrets for spotting high-probability opportunities.
  • Ask me anything and get your questions answered live in the Discord for as long as you’re a member.

Don’t miss out on this chance to take your trading to the next level!


2 NEW! BONUSES: Forex Director pdf and 2 videos.

  1.  Forex Director
  2.  Forex CookBook
  3.  3 Backward Secrets


  • Auto-installer

The auto-installer will set up your charts for you. It removes the work of setting up the indicators and the candles colors, and it will even install a template. You will find 2 surprise indicators when you use the auto-installer. You get the SRT and the TRS indicators as a bonus.

  • Ultra Blue systems

Ultra Blue is a collection of several simple and highly profitable trading systems that use the same template. These are an amazing set of systems, all there for you to explore and get creative with. Mix and match systems or pick one you like best. You can be your own mad scientist and create the ultimate hybrid.

  • Bonus Ultra Blue systems

Just when you think you have all the systems, there’s MORE. More systems, more methods, and more valuable information. 

  • Forex Redeemer system

The Forex Redeemer system is the ONE system that has been built using all the best parts of Ultra Blue. This is the monster that will make you money with as little as a 30%-win ratio. Simple and single-minded of purpose, Redeemer is an account-building animal!

  • Video tutorials

For every aspect of Ultra Blue, there are video tutorials. There are dozens of instructional videos as well as constantly updated and regularly posted educational videos. The library of videos grows larger every week.

  • Lot Size calculator

You risk a certain percentage of your account on each trade. You have access to a calculator with the tutorials, to know exactly what lot size you need. Like any secret formula, you need the right amount of the right ingredients to make it perfect, and lot size is a CRITICAL component of such a recipe.

  • Trade reviews

There are several trade types with Ultra Blue, I will regularly go over the different trades that have occurred explaining the good, the bad, and the ugly about each trade. Not every trade is a winner, and we look at those most.

  • Trade setups

There are trade setups almost every day. I focus on the longer term 1 hour and 4 hour Redeemer setups giving you all the time you need to setup your trades.


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