Unmitigated Order Blocks




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Unmitigated Order Blocks MT4 Indicator

Unmitigated Order Blocks

  • Display OB Option – Allows you to show :
    • Each bullish and bearish non-mild order blocks
    • Unmitigated bullish order blocks are the ONLY exception.
    • Unmitigated and unrestricted order blocks that are bearish only.
    • Hide all order blocks that are not acquitted.
  • Look-back candles count – Set the number of candles the indicator will count back on to show the unrestricted order blocks.
  • O Candle Type – Select either to emphasize the undamaged order block candles (body) only or to highlight the unmitigated block candle’s body and wicks.
  • Candle Count is ignoré until the beginning of the peak (Peak equals Candle 0) This setting will select the STRENGTH of the unmitigated order block, for example :
    • If the value is set by setting it to one (recommended), the unmitigated block of orders will only be highlighted when the price is able to move away from it in the subsequent (first) candle. THIS IS THE STRONGEST UNMITIGATED ORDER BLOCK POSSIBLE.
    • If set to 2, the unmitigated block of orders will be highlighted only if the price strays away from it durant deux candles. This is considered to be a weaker unmitigated order block.
  • === Alerte ===
    • Popup alert The alert will trigger the pop-up window as well as an alert sound.
    • « Smooth Alerts » – The alert will trigger a message to your mobile phone.
    • E-mail Alert Alert will trigger a message at your address.
  • === Visualization ===
  • Display Look-back Line Select either whether or not to display the look-back line in the chart.
  • Check-back Line Color Choose the color you want to use.
  • OB Box Length Bar When set to zero (zero), an unmitigated block of order will be extended up to the current candle. If a different number is set, the unmitigated block box will be extended to the number of candles.
  • Bull OB Line Color: Select the color you want to use.
  • Bear OB Line colorChoose the color you want to use.
  • The color that is intercepted Choose the color of your preference.
  • O Box Type: Select to highlight the complete order block as an outline box or a filled color box.

A brief refresher course on the unmitigated order blocks

What is price mitigation?

Unmitigated Order Blocks

It’s basically smart money retracing its steps to reduce (exit) buy/sell orders that go against the current trend before moving with the flow of institutional orders.

Unresolved block orders can occur at any time and can occur at both internal and external points within the current time frame:

Unmitigated Order Blocks

In a bullish trend, price can revert back to an unencumbered order block to reduce the sell orders that were put in downward retracements (and to secure a lower price for placing an order to buy). Conversely, in the bearish trend,.

Keep in mind that the strongest block of order is:

  • Start with liquidity (stop searching).
  • Price is pushed away by a frenzied pace.
  • Creates a market imbalance (FVG) because of the huge volume of merchandise that is contained in the transaction.

If the price is returned to an order block:

  • It should respond to the open, or 50 percent of the candle.

Indicator Display Options:


Show only bearish or bullish unrestricted block orders (or either):

Unmitigated Order Blocks


Choose to highlight the unmitigated order block ‘candle with wicks’ or ‘candle body’ only:

Unmitigated Order Blocks


Candle Count ignored from start of peak (Peak = Candle 0)  –  This setting will choose the STRENGTH of the ‘unmitigated’ order block, IE:

Unmitigated Order Blocks

The above image shows the differences between “1 candle” and “2 candle’ unaffected order blocks (when the price is moved away from the block in two or one candle).

  • If the value is set at 1 (recommended), the unmitigated order block will be identified if the price shifts away from the first candle. THIS IS THE STRONGEST UNMITIGATED ORDER BLOCK POSSIBLE.
  • If the value is set to 2, the unmitigated block of orders can only be highlighted when the price drops from the candle that is on the second candle. This is considered to be a “weaker unmitigated order block.

It is not recommended to set a value greater than 2 (as this renders the unreliable order block essentially useless).


The highlight box’s color changes when the price is touched and then disappears completely upon the next candle in the timeframe.


Unmitigated Order Blocks

When price returns to touch the unmitigated order block, the ‘box’ will turn into a purple outlined box and then the highlighted unmitigated order block ‘box’ will disappear completely after the next candle closes.


Adjust the length of the Unmitigated order blocks highlight box:

Unmitigated Order Blocks

If the highlight box length is set to a specific number, the alert will still trigger even if price hits the unmitigated OB price level PAST the extension of the box.


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