Elite Profit Manager – Exclusive Tool for Money Management

Elite Profit Manager

Elite Profit Manager

Elite Profit Manager Description :
We are glad that you are here today. We create different types of Forex products from indicators to combo products. Today we share a professional and exclusive tool for Money Management.

IDEA: Elite Profit Manager helps in managing open balance and secures you from going above safety limits. It controls all open orders and if total value reaches any loss or profit limit, its sends alert and is ready to auto close all orders.

MAGIC: You can manage all open orders or exact tools. You can set it for all magic’s (all orders – include manual trades) or choose exact magic (up to 5) to manage certain tools results.

PANEL: We made a good moveable panel, all settings is right on the chart – no need to get back to the inputs setting to change something.

Target Profit – you can set desired profit level to close all current orders. This parameter works in MT4 currency.

Max Loss – you can reduce possible losses by 1 click. Set the max possible loss to close all trades at that level. This parameter works in MT4 currency.

Alert: get a bit more data from the tool. As soon as you get close to max profit/loss levels on 90% (target) – you will get alert. You can set any percent level there.

Magics: use all magics to control all open trades or set exact magic numbers for certain trading tool.

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