Smart Market Structure

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ICT, SMC, Smart Money Concepts, Smart Money, Support and Resistance, Trend Analysis and Price Action, Market Structure, Order Blocks, and Breaker Blocks Momentum shift, Supply and Demand Zone/Order Blocks Strong Imbalance HH/LL/HL/LH Fair Value Gap FVG, Premium, and Zones Discount Zones, Fibon

This all-in-one indicator displays real-time market structure (internal and swing BOS/CHoCH), order block, premium and discount zones, equal highs and lows, FVGs, etc., allowing traders the ability to automatically mark their charts using widely used price-action methodologies.

Smart Money Concepts/Smart Market Structure Concepts (SMC)) are a relatively new term that is widely used by price action traders who want to better navigate liquidity and find optimal points of interest on the market. It is a reasonable idea to try to find out where the institutional market participants (the buy-or-sell side liquidity) have placed their orders.

You can customize the alerts to suit your needs.


  • Full internal & swing market structure labeling in real-time
  • Break of Structure (BOS), Change of Character (CHoCH)
  • Support 3 types of Structure breakthrough options(Wick, Body, Two Candles)
  • Order Blocks ( bullish & bearish ) / Momentum shift (MS)
  • Order Blocks with Volume metrics
  • Swing Strong/Weak High/Low
  • Breaker Blocks labeling
  • Supply&Demand Zone/Order Blocks,  Strong Imbalance detection
  • High Timeframe ability. BigBar, HTF-BOS HTF-CHoCH HTF-OB HTF-Swing High/Low.
  • Multi -Timeframe Dashboard (Optional for 4 Period)
  • Fractal Points
  • Fibonacci Retracement /Fibo OTE&Profit Target
  • BSL/SSL Taken Detect
  • Equal Highs & Lows
  • Fair Value Gap Detection,support high timeframe FVG display
  • Liquidity Voids
  • Previous Highs & Lows
  • Premium & Discount Zones as a range
  • Long Wicks detect
  • Market Time Zone
  • Asian Range , London Killzone, AM NY Killzone, PM NY Killzone
  • NY Midnight Open
  • Candle Timer
  • Alert for BOS CHoCH OB etc separately. Support setting to send Alert to mobile devices and Email.

Smart Market Structure

Smart Market Structure

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