Trend Trading System – The X-Brain Method Forex System


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No. Dashboard
Designed for MetaTrader 4
Advanced interface
Accurate signals
Advanced volatility filters
Available for all time ranges
Available for all currency pairs
Email/Mobile Alerts
Desktop Alerts **NEW**

FAQ: If the indicator loads the chart, it is not displayed.
Please remove the msimg32.dll from the MT4 software.
Original Price $297
Indicator: X-Brain Method(Unlocked)
3 Templates

X-Brain is equipped with a sophisticated drag-and-drop panel that can be easily moved around your Metatrader chart. It displays all important information, including the signal, through the X-Brain Method algorithm.

Highest Signal Frequency Accuracy Ratio
The X-Brain Method delivers signals at the highest frequency while providing the highest accuracy. With the confirmation of our filter, it becomes a very profitable trading system!

Price Behavior Filter
The X-Brain method is based primarily on price behavior conditions, and the built-in filters are also based on price behavior changes found in candlestick dynamics.

Why bother with forex trading when you can trade seamlessly using the X-Brain Method, a user-friendly system designed for profitable forex trading. the MT4 system includes navigable features that allow you to efficiently handle trading decisions and earn profits. the X-Brain Method is an affordable X-Brain Method is an affordable system whose day trading price behavior is verified by consistent trader recommendations.

X-brain Method is the right software for trading your stocks, commodities, gold and equities and other Forex values. When considering trading comfortably under pressure, this system is the best choice for you. It has an accuracy rate of 98.5%, which makes it remarkable in the world of Forex trading. You can receive timely email, mobile device and even desktop alerts through the X-Brain Method.

The X-Brain Method frees you from the complexity of analysis; it provides you with accurate buy/sell signals while you continue to do your normal computer work. It’s a fast, customer-focused system that’s critical to maximizing your Forex trading profits. x-Brain has zero latency and superb performance, so you can make money all day long.


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