Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant






Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant
Original price: $150/mo (= $1,800/yr)
If you prefer to trade manually, this gives a very good system and I recommend you to use this system.
Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant  Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant


ATS shows you a map of the Markets that leads to a much deeper understanding of what’s really going on and where the true opportunity is. Through ATS, you’ll know all of the most important price levels set by the Institutions so you can form your own trading ideas around how they move Markets while accurately defining your own risk based on “their” plan. You can think of ATS as the ultimate replacement for your Fibonacci indicator. The best part is you never have to guess where to draw your lines since the ATS algorithm automatically makes sure your analysis is perfect every time. ATS works on every time frame and in every liquid Market. Once you start trading with ATS you will never want to be without this tool again.


Action Threshold Software (ATS) v5.0 + ATS Assistant

Based on the updated Algorithms of ATS V5.0,  you can now easily set up multiple pairs at once to notify you of your ideal market conditions to trade across MetaTrader 4. Featuring our new Dashboard Design you can easily drag and drop Instruments onto the ATS Assistant and fine-tune the Timeframes, Setup alerts, and Notifications to your exact criteria. You’ll be alerted the moment liquidity begins changing hands in the market.

Understanding Real-Time Price Value and Accurate Market Timing with ATS 5.0

In the dynamic world of trading, entering a position only to witness an immediate adverse market movement is a familiar frustration. This often stems from trading at a point where the price is already overvalued during a purchase or undervalued during a sale. The ATS 5.0 aims to address this challenge by providing insights into the true market value, established in real-time. This ensures traders are well-informed, timely in their decisions, and equipped with a clear understanding of their trade probabilities.

Key Features of ATS 5.0:

  1. Real-Time Market Value:
    • ATS 5.0 operates by revealing the real-time market value, allowing traders to make decisions based on the most current and accurate information available.
  2. Preventing Untimely Trades:
    • By presenting the true market value as it unfolds, ATS 5.0 aims to prevent traders from entering positions at unfavorable points, reducing the likelihood of immediate losses.
  3. Enhanced Decision-Making:
    • Armed with real-time insights into market value, traders can make more informed and confident decisions, aligning their actions with the prevailing dynamics of the market.
  4. Probability Assessment:
    • ATS 5.0 assists traders in assessing probabilities accurately, enabling them to gauge the likelihood of success for a particular trade scenario.

Advantages of Real-Time Price Value Assessment:

  1. Timely Execution:
    • Traders utilizing ATS 5.0 can execute their trades with precision, leveraging the most current market value information to their advantage.
  2. Reduced Risk of Immediate Losses:
    • By avoiding untimely trades, the risk of experiencing immediate losses due to unfavorable market movements is significantly reduced.
  3. Informed Decision-Making:
    • The real-time assessment empowers traders with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions, contributing to a more strategic and calculated approach to trading.
  4. Dynamic Adaptation:
    • Traders can dynamically adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring that their strategies align with the evolving real-time value of assets.


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