Xmaster Formula Indicator

Xmaster Formula Indicator 02

The Xmaster Formula Indicator for MT4 is a sophisticated engine that integrates moving averages, the RSI and the MACD in the background. The result is a clear BUY or SELL signal as well as a BULLISH and a BEARISH indicator for the trend.

This indicator is suitable for both beginners and experienced technical forex traders using a strategy that follows trends. The indicator is effective on any intraday chart timeframe and also on the daily, weekly and monthly charts. In addition, the indicator is free to download and easy to install.

Xmaster Formula Indicator 02

Xmaster Formula indicator for MT4 trading signals

The indicator displays the SELL and BUY arrows in the color YELLOW. The BULLISH trend is displayed in LIME and the BEARISH trend in RED. The indicator is displayed in a separate window below the price chart.

Traders using an indicator to monitor the trend can BUY based on the YELLOW arrow, which is in an uptrend. However, traders should confirm the signal when the indicator shows LIME colored dots. In this forex technical trading strategy, the stop loss for the trade is at a lower level than the previous low and the exit point is at the opposite end of the trading signal arrow.

Furthermore, the appearance of the YELLOW down arrow indicates the possibility of the beginning of a BEARISH trend. Therefore, forex traders must execute a SELL trade. However, the signal must fulfill the additional condition of containing RED dots. In this strategy, the ideal place to stop a loss is just above the previous high of the swing, and the profit-taking point is at the opposite arrow of the trading signal.

To get the best result, the forex trader must confirm the trading signal by both the arrow and the dot color. There are cases where both signals are not visible at the same time. In this case, the trader must also keep an eye on the other signal.

This Xmaster formula indicator used in MT4 is a trend following indicator, which means it gives the best results when forex traders can trade multiple timeframes (mtf). It is best if traders keep an eye on the trend direction of the higher time frame and determine the most effective entry point on the lower chart.


This Xmaster formula indicator used in MT4 is a trend following indicator and therefore the most efficient indicator for those who follow trends. The simplicity of the indicator’s arrow trading signals and the colored dots help any trader looking for less cluttered price charts. However, forex traders should make sure that the SELL and BUY signals are close to trend lines, support and resistance zones, and channels. In addition, forex traders can download the indicator for free and install it quickly.

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