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Tick Scalper Best Forex Bot

Tick Scalper Best Forex Bot

Tick Scalper Tick Bot is described as a fast tick scalper EA that makes use of tick averages to operate against trends. This EA lets multiple trades be opened simultaneously Each with their individual SL for locating the break-even point , which allows you to make gains or reduce losses.

The EA has three levels of risk which permit it to be used with various currencies. According to the author of the EA is not working correctly after being tested, which is why it is necessary to test it using an account that is an initial edition. The EA can be used in any market condition and can be used in conjunction with all currencies.

Tick Scalper Best Forex Bot Tick Scalper Best Forex Bot


  • A deposit recommendation for using this Forex Bot
    • High Risk of $1,000 and a minimum risk of 0.01 Three currency pairs (e.g., EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY);
    • A MEDIUM-RISK of $300 , with a minimum value of 0.01 per exchange (e.g. EURUSD);
    • High Risk of $100 , with a minimum of 0.01 for one exchange rate (e.g. EURUSD);
  • works best on EURUSD USDCHF, USDJPY. (works on any pair of currencies)
  • Time Frame doesn’t matter.

Tick Scalper Scalper Forex Bot determines spread using the average of the previous ticks. Therefore, this EA method is determined by the rate of spread increase or decreases, as well as an estimate of the rate quoted. Thus, it may result in different outcomes for different brokers.

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