The Milliontrader Pro indicator is a trending indicator for MT4 designed to provide accurate signals to enter trades without redrawing or delays. New features with enhanced statistical calculation rules improve the indicator’s performance.

Benefits of Milliontrader PRO
Simple, intuitive and effective trend detection.
Automatic calculation of maximum profit.
Trend signals and signals within trends.
It does include two different modes of trend arrows.

Precise mode: more precise.

Beast mode: gives more pips.

In addition, you can choose between two modes for signals in trend

Medium signal: you will get fewer signals in the direction of the trend.

Aggressive signal: you will get many signals following the trend.

Never redraw or move. Once the candle is closed with an arrow, it is no longer redrawn or moved and this is where the profit calculation begins.
Cryptocurrency patterns are included, this allows you to use the indicator to find buying and selling opportunities in cryptocurrencies. You can use this indicator to spot cryptocurrency opportunities and then buy/sell cryptocurrencies directly on an exchange like Coinan.
The cryptocurrency model can also be used to trade stocks or indices.
Visual and audible alerts that push messages directly to your phone.
Designed to work better on a time scale of H1 or higher.


Download the latest version here

Milliontrader Pro Indicator

The MILLIONTRADER PRO Indicator v3.50 is a powerful MetaTrader 4 (MT4) indicator designed to assist traders in analyzing price movements and generating actionable signals based on a multi-layered strategy. Here are some key features and reasons why traders might choose this indicator:

  1. Sophisticated Analysis: The indicator employs a sophisticated strategy to analyze market conditions and generate signals. It aims to simplify the trading process by providing clear and actionable insights.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: MILLIONTRADER PRO is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to both experienced traders and beginners. The goal is to eliminate the need for traders to spend endless hours deciphering complex patterns.
  3. Unlimited Potential: Traders can explore various currency pairs without restrictions, offering them the flexibility to trade across different markets.
  4. Proven Performance: The indicator claims to have a demonstrated track record of success, backed by rigorous testing and real-world results. Traders may be attracted to its performance history.
  5. Effortless Clarity: The indicator provides a visually intuitive interface, making it easy for traders to identify profitable zones without struggling with confusing charts.
  6. Multi-Layered Strategy: MILLIONTRADER PRO doesn’t rely on a single approach. Instead, it incorporates multiple layers of analysis, including technical indicators, dynamic support and resistance levels, and trend-following techniques.
  7. No DLL Headaches: Traders won’t face compatibility issues as the indicator is developed as pure MT4 code. This ensures seamless integration with the MT4 platform and efficient performance.
  8. Limited-Time Offer: The indicator is currently being offered for free, providing traders with an opportunity to access its features without the usual cost. It emphasizes a limited-time offer to create a sense of urgency.
  9. Strategic Arsenal: The indicator utilizes dynamic support and resistance levels, trend-following signals, overbought/oversold alerts, and hidden divergence zones as part of its strategic arsenal.

Traders considering the MILLIONTRADER PRO Indicator v3.50 should carefully evaluate its features, performance claims, and whether it aligns with their trading preferences and strategies. Additionally, they may want to take advantage of the limited-time offer if it fits their trading needs.

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