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Binary Options System

Note that I usually like to monitor 4 or 5 pairs when I trade. I explained $5 above. trades, but my normal trades are at least $100. Each trade is risky. That would be 8 wins, about $560. Minus 1 loss of $100. total profit is $460. In 20 minutes of stress-free, fun-filled trading.

You don’t need to trade for hours, just increase your risk to $200. per trade. That’s about $20,000. per month (usually around 20 trading days). Is Ed really that easy? Well, you need to practice a little, both on a demo account and on $5.

binary options system binary options system

Please note that the hollow arrows in the image are for illustrative purposes only, pointing out the possible transactions that could be generated.
Let’s see what we have here, as it may be slightly different from what you are used to seeing.

First of all, don’t let the orange fib line scare you, because it is a fully automatic indicator. We’ll start with the image on the left, which shows two generated transactions. We received a sound/text box and arrow alert, and you can see the arrow in the yellow circle (this happens when the wick on the last red candle touches the 0.0 Fib line).

We put a white vertical line above it and underneath we can see the STR confirming that the red line (in real life you would only see the next 2 unformed candles) is rising and has crossed (or started to cross) the blue line. Therefore, we make 3 trades at the opening of the next candle.

This will allow you to make 60, 90 and 180 seconds (or 1, 1 and 1/2 and 3 minutes) trades as soon as possible without being affected.

Then you can just sit back and watch for 3 minutes or start looking for another pair you are monitoring for your next trade. Myself, I trade one at a time until all three expire and I’m not even looking for the next trade, and guess what? I can still make 9 trades in about 20 minutes or less. By the way, I’m sure most of you realize this, but we do trade on the M1 (1 minute MT4 chart).

The second example chart on the right shows 1 generated bearish trade. Again, we get the alert and the last blue candle touches our 100.0 Fib line.

After crossing a white line, we can see below the STR confirming that the red line is pointing downward for the next 2 candles and crossing the blue line. We are ready and start our 3 trades at the opening of the next red candle. As you can see, the 3rd candle of the trade starts to go against us, but it is still a few pips below our entry point. So the other 3 ITMs fell short! I will now show you more examples without having to explain them in depth, as I am sure you now understand how the trade was generated. I don’t want you to think it was a fluke or anything like that. (ha,ha) I will also provide more live trade results.


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