The Currency Power Strength System






Use the Currency Power Strength System to measure currency strength in a way never before possible! Limited time currency strength tool now available!

We created this tool to measure currency strength. It is available on the Meta Trader4 platform If you need help, we’ll cover everything you need to know in our unique members area!

The Currency Power Strength System

This currency strength strength system is a must for any serious forex trader who wants to succeed with.
Currency pairs only move up and down when one currency is stronger (or weaker) than the other.
Not only is it recommended, but it needs to be measured over multiple time horizons
Finding the strongest and weakest currency pairs means you can take advantage of the biggest current moves (200+ point moves!!)
To become a better forex trader, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the currency pairs you want to trade.

First up is the Currency Strength Color Heat Map
The Currency Power Strength System

The color desk is the heart of our currency power strength system. As default, we show you the top 8 major currency pairs and how they compare the to rest of the field.

If you click on any of the boxes related to that currency it will bring up a strength details page so you can see all little more details about this currency.
Here is an example of how it works:

The Currency Power Strength System

Inside the members area PDF guide, that is included for FREE, we will highlight more about what each of these numbers represent.

It has also many other fun colors you can choose from, and also many more settings that you can adjust if you wish!
 Currency Strength (Value $797)

The Currency Power Strength System

The currency strength tool is for those who want to see information fast on their preferred time frame.

It gives you real-time data in the sub chart section of Meta Trader 4 and shows you exactly what is happening on each specific time frame.
One of the best features about this particular tool is that it shows you what currency was the strongest and weakest at that particular time.
For Example:

The Currency Power Strength System

CHF (chocolate color) Is clearly the strongest right now on the H1 time chart since it is on top.

NZD ( teal color) Is clearly the weakest currency right now on the H1 time chart since it is on the bottom.
The farther from the middle point the currencies get the stronger (or weaker) they are. This type of information could be VERY important for traders who trade M1-H1 Time Frames.
In our PDF guide, that you will get today, will show you more features we packed into this tool as well!
Here is an example of us going through the different time frames:

The Currency Power Strength System

Notice how the strength of each currency is a little different on each time frame?

For example, on the Daily chart the EUR could be bullish or “strong” but, on the minute time chart, it may be “bearish” since no trend just goes straight up.
 Currency Strength Heat Map (Value $997)

The Currency Power Strength System

The heat map is a great place to see how your currency is stacking up against the rest of the major currency pairs.

Just like the currency strength tool, the heat map changes for each time frame.
In the example below, CHF is the strongest and NZD is the weakest.

The Currency Power Strength System

If you wish to trade any of these pairs simply click on one of them and click on the mini chart button to pull up a separate chart!

Here is an example of us doing that:

The Currency Power Strength System

With these three tools, you will know what pair is the strongest on any time frame no matter how crazy the markets get!

We did not want to settle for anything mediocre. What better way to get you on the right track then to give you, not one of these special today, but access to all three for just a LOW one time charge today!


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