THE BINARY DESTROYER 7.0 Indicator Free Download

THE BINARY DESTROYER 7.0 Indicator – [Cost $193]- For FREE Free Download

The Binary Destroyer NON-Repaint indicator has been at the forefront of trading indicators since its creation in 2015. Each year the developers update its algorithm to ensure it keeps up with the latest trading technology and improves its performance. With its global recognition, the Binary Destroyer indicator is the only one with special features and settings you won’t find on any other indicator in the world. That’s why BD has been called one of the best trading indicators in the world every year since it was built.

BD 7.0 is built on pure price action. It uses “buy” and “sell” zones as well as analyzing candlestick patterns to calculate where prices could reverse and then provides a signal arrow to confirm that the market is reversing. The indicator has 5 main strategies built into it, all of which have been proven to provide consistent profits in different market conditions. This is what makes the Binary Destroyer indicator unique, as it can be traded in all market conditions of Forex and Binary trading, currency pairs, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and it is suitable for all types of traders.


The Binary Destroyer indicator has 2 built-in strategies. Every trader has different strengths and weaknesses, so we’ve programmed two strategies to help our members achieve success. Each strategy has been designed to provide consistent profits under different market conditions.

BD/Normal Strategies

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The BD strategy is the one we’re best known for. If you know Binary Destroyer, then you know this strategy! It’s a simple but powerful strategy. This is a simple yet powerful strategy that is perfect for trading trends, range bounces and reversals. This diversification makes it perfect for forex and binary trading, which is why it is considered one of the best strategies to date. Every one of our full-time members started their trading career by mastering this strategy.

Retracement Strategy

A retrace strategy is a trend trading strategy that is perfect for teaching beginners about the trends in the market. This style of trading makes it perfect for forex scalping and swing trading, as you will catch the big moves in the market once a reversal occurs. This strategy is very simple and it teaches the core elements needed to be successful in the market. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the trend is your friend” and it’s certainly true when trading this strategy.