advanced harmonic patterns

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Harmonic mode is best applied at the 4 hour level and the daily line level, because after all, it is a contrarian transaction, the real reversal is not so easy to come. Fourth, harmonic trading may also be homeopathic. This happens in a small-level harmonic mode. For example, the trading direction on the daily chart is clear. In the process of callback, the harmonic mode is found on the hourly chart. It is possible to reverse the trade on the hourly chart and the homeopathic trade on the daily chart. Let’s start our harmonic journey from the basic AB=CD mode of harmonics. Harmonic mode (1), AB=CD Definition: A market is known to be AB, C is the inflection point, then the market breaks through point B, and the equidistant judgment D point is the possible reversal point (entry point). The stop loss is placed above or below the previous structure. (Structure: intensive trading area, or inflection point.) D = C + (B-A spread).