MSP Indicator

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The MSP Indicator, designed for MetaTrader 4 platforms, serves as a volatility-based day trading tool, utilizing Average True Range (ATR) to assess market volatility. Recognizing potential shifts between bullish and bearish momentum, the indicator generates arrow signals indicating potential trend-reversal conditions. Additionally, it provides textual information specifying whether it’s a buy or sell signal. With its user-friendly approach, the MSP Indicator simplifies the trading process, making it accessible even for traders with basic price-action knowledge.

MSP Indicator

Key Features and Application:

  1. Volatility Assessment:
    • MSP employs a 14-period ATR to evaluate average price movement, considering highs and lows of previous candles.
    • Buy signals are generated when the current price exceeds the average value, while sell signals occur when the price falls below the average.
  2. Trading Methods:
    • Aggressive Entry: Traders can directly execute orders upon the indicator’s buy/sell signals. Exit strategies may involve waiting for an opposite arrow or achieving at least a 2R profit.
    • Conservative Entry: This method treats MSP signals as pre-indications of potential trend reversals. Traders wait for additional price action to confirm the signal before making a more informed trading decision.

Trading Example:

  • In the provided chart, MSP indicates a sell signal at the market peak. Following this, the price consolidates and then experiences a bearish breakout.
  • A conservative approach would involve waiting for further price action, such as a bearish breakout, to confirm the sell signal, enhancing the overall trade confirmation.


The MSP Indicator, designed for day trading, prioritizes signal quality over frequency. Its straightforward interface and high signal accuracy make it particularly advantageous for novice scalpers. Experienced traders can also integrate it as a signal filter within their existing trading systems to enhance the overall winning ratio. The indicator’s ability to simplify the trading process and offer valuable signals contributes to its effectiveness in various trading scenarios. Traders are encouraged to explore and practice with the MSP Indicator on demo accounts before implementing it in live trading to familiarize themselves with its behavior and maximize its potential benefits.

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