Zero Lag Moving Average Indicator

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This zero-lag moving average indicator that is available for MetaTrader is a customized moving average that doesn’t trail behind the price. It also includes trend detectors that show the change in the direction that the market is going. It shifts to green in the event of a market that is bullish and changes to orange when it is in the direction of a bearish.

Therefore, in essence, this indicator serves as a trend filter to eliminate market noise and determine the trend bias of the market.

Zero Lag Moving Average Indicator

How can I eliminate the moving average delay?

Regular moving averages have numerous applications in the financial world. They can be used to aid in trading entry and exit, trend filtering, and more. However, they can delay the price.

This zero-lag moving indicator is a more refined version of the standard moving average. It was developed with precision using smoothing features that cut down the lag between prices to nearly zero. This explains why the indicator responds quickly to market fluctuations.

How to Trade With the Zero Lag Moving Average Indicator

The image above illustrates what the indicator might look like in your MT4 chart. It also illustrates how you can find a suitable entry.

It is recommended to use the zero-lag moving The average indicator should be used in conjunction with other technical indicators, such as price action, to increase effectiveness.

Buy and Sell Signals:For a buy signal to be considered a buy signal, you should look for the price to cross the green lines of this indicator, indicating that there is a possibility of a bullish trend. It is possible to buy or sell a position if the price has also printed an engulfing pattern that is bullish (e.g., bullish engulfing).

The same principle is suitable for setting up a SELL entry or setup. It is also possible to look at the screenshot above for a better understanding of the buy/sell idea.


This zero-lag moving average indicator is chart-friendly, simple to use, and responsive to fluctuations in price. In addition, it’s completely free to download.

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