Previous High-Low Indicator

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The Previous High-Low Indicator for MT4 proves to be a valuable tool for intraday traders, providing insights into crucial price levels based on higher timeframes. This indicator displays marks for significant levels, including the Previous Day High/Low, Previous Week High/Low, Previous Month High/Low, and Previous Year High/Low. Unlike repainting indicators, this tool offers stable and reliable information for traders.

Key Levels Displayed by the Indicator:

  1. PDH – Previous Day High
  2. PWH – Previous Week High
  3. PMH – Previous Month High
  4. PYH – Previous Year High
  5. PDL – Previous Day Low
  6. PWL – Previous Week Low
  7. PML – Previous Month Low
  8. PYL – Previous Year Low

Application in Trading:

  1. Support and Resistance:
  2. Intraday Trading Example:
    • The chart illustrates the use of the Previous High-Low Indicator for intraday trading.
    • The Previous Day Low (PDL) acts as both support and resistance, influencing price movements.
    • Traders can use candlestick patterns, classic oscillator signals, or trendlines for confirmation when trading at these levels.
  3. Risk Management:
    • When trading at PDH, PWH, PMH, PYH, PDL, PWL, PML, PYL levels, it’s crucial to manage risks effectively.
    • Maintain a favorable risk-reward ratio and align positions with the major trend for a balanced approach.

Previous High-Low Indicator

Settings of the Previous High-Low Indicator for MT4:

The indicator operates automatically, using data from higher timeframes to establish important highs and lows. Key settings include:

  • High/Low Calculation: The indicator calculates Highs and Lows for the Previous Day, Week, Month, and Year.
  • Display Options: PDH, PWH, PMH, PYH, PDL, PWL, PML, PYL levels can be displayed based on user preferences.


The Previous High-Low Indicator for MT4 serves as a powerful tool for traders seeking a deeper understanding of market dynamics. By incorporating support and resistance levels from higher timeframes, traders can make well-informed decisions. The indicator is not a standalone signal generator but complements other indicators, adding a layer of confirmation to trading strategies. Traders should exercise caution, manage risks effectively, and practice with the indicator on a demo account before implementing it in live trading. Downloading the Previous High-Low Indicator for MT4 provides traders with a valuable resource for enhancing their analytical capabilities.

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