Trend Percentage Indicator

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This trend percentage indicator in MetaTrader is an indicator based on oscillators that measures and calculates the percentage changes between bearish and bullish trends. The indicator reveals the present percentage trends of both bearish and bullish traders on the market.

The indicator doesn’t give an SELL or BUY signal, but it was designed to provide you with an accurate view of the percent change in the value of an investment. This data can be used to determine an indicator for your trade entry and exit.

The indicator appears in a separate window beneath the chart, making it chart-friendly and simple to use. It is recommended for novice, intermediate, or experienced forex traders. Additionally, it can be utilized with various strategies for trading, such as scalping, day/intraday trading, and swing trading.

How to Trade With the Trend Percentage Indicator

The screenshot above shows how the indicator will appear on the MT4 chart. In addition, it is suggested that it be used with other indicators of a technical nature for greater effectiveness. The indicator has red and green lines, which change according to the direction of the market over an interval.

The location of any of the lines in the indicator indicates the dominant (bullish or bearish) trend of the market. The green line that is above the red line is an upward trend, such as. So, you could seek out a buy opportunity if your blue line appears higher than the red line and has an extensive margin gap.

The same principle is useful in determining a feasible sales opportunity. Refer to the screenshot above for more fruitful wine grapes.


Its trend percentage indicator in MT4 could boost your winning ratios for trading, particularly when paired with technical analyses. Additionally, the indicator is available to download for free.

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