ExtremeForex Review

ExtremeForex Review

ExtremeForex claims it can increase your income through its profit-making algorithm. This is an automated trading system that employs volume scalping. This system works mainly with the XAUUSD pair. This is a scalping bot that employs smart entry and exits, as well as sophisticated filtering techniques to identify safe and lucrative entries.

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The vendor’s information was not available as the site doesn’t provide details like the founder year, team members and location. We were unable to find any info about the vendor.



Fully automatic EA


$99 per month (25% profit sharing)


Volume scalper

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Minimum Deposit Minimum Deposit


Recommendation Deposit


The Leverage


Trading strategy explanation

Smart scalping is a system that uses advanced filtering to identify safe entry points. It uses exit and entry algorithms. The system executes three transactions to calculate the exits and entries, allowing it to take a more diverse approach. ADR is used for TP, SL in the ATS. This design uses ADR for TP and SL.

The system’s main characteristics that are competitive include:

  • This system does not utilize grid trading or hedges, instead it uses TP and SL in every trade.

  • For the EA, it is suggested that you wait 15 minutes.

  • You will only need one chart for XAUUSD.

  • Real trading results are possible with solid backtesting.

  • FX EA is able to detect GMT automatically.

  • It utilizes a self-diagnostic method.

  • FX robots are not sensitive to spread or slippage.

  • It is necessary to use VPS for the operation of this system.

Backtest data analysis

The system does not have backtests. It is difficult to understand the robot’s strategy without backtesting. Backtests provide more insight than historical data. To understand the strategy, traders prefer to review the backtesting reports and evaluate its effectiveness.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trade results

Myfxbook account

Real (USCCent), Real Alpari IN


June 01, 2022

You can deposit

USC 5,000


USC 5561.50











Here is a picture of a USC Cent real account with the Alpari INT Broker and leverage at 1:400 on MT4 platforms

Growth curve of ExtremeForex on the Myfxbook site.

Trading stats of ExtremeForex on the Myfxbook site.

According to myfxbook, the total profit for this account is 11.23%. It has a daily gain of 1.34% as well as a monthly return of 11.23%. The account was opened in June 2022 with USC 5,000 deposit. 51 trades were completed, with a 65% profit margin and a profit factor 2.10. There is a drawdown of 4.37%. We can see from the trading history that a lot size 0.10 was used. Results show low drawdown. But, because the sample was too small, it makes the results unpredictable. A small sample is not enough to accurately predict performance.


Power packages cost $99 per month. The power package has a $50 minimum deposit and an estimated trade volume of between 120 and 150. It has a monthly historical profit of between 80% and 90 percent. There is a 27% short-term drawdown. Email support can be arranged.

Super Power is a second package that includes 25% profit sharing. The deposit starts at $1000 and has a history of between 60-75% monthly profits. There is also a 15% drawdown. The realized profits are the basis of profit-sharing. A trade volume between 230 and 300 is possible. XAUUSD acts as the principal trading instrument. Email addresses are the key support tool. There is a 14-day guarantee of your money back. We find that the cost of the product is much higher than the prices for comparable systems on the market.

Customer support

The vendor informs us that this service includes expert support, remote support for VPSs and general trading queries. The FAQ section contains important details about the FX EA.

Review summary

There are pros

  • Live verified results

  • Refund within 14 days


  • Sample size is small

  • Expensive pricing

ExtremeForex promises to increase your income through its profit-generating algorithm. The vendor only provides a limited sample of data when we analyze the EA’s features. We find that the data is not representative enough to fully analyze the system. Other shortcomings in this FX EA include a lack of transparency from vendors and expensive pricing.

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