WunderTrading Review

WunderTrading Review


WunderTrading Review

WunderTrading allows traders the ability to create customized indicators using TradingView. They can then be connected to their respective exchanges. The intermediator captures alerts from ChartingView and converts them to real-time trades. The developers claim that their services were featured on Forbes and Coindoo. The automated trading system will be described in detail, including its pricing and strategies. WunderTrading

What’s a WunderTrading and how can you use it?

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WunderTrading supports trading via Trading View signals. This platform allows traders to create TradingView bots that are easily automated. The Trading View interface allows for the creation and execution of automated algorithms. To verify their strategies’ performance, traders can create new strategies with the Pineview script. The alerts can be executed later on on the exchange using WunderTrading.

WunderTrading: How does it work?

This is how the platform works:

  1. Register for an account. Connect your exchange by using the API Key.

  2. Trading View lets you create your own trading bot

  3. Start trading by linking the platform to Trading View

Who was the WunderTrading founder?

WunderBit, according to the developers, is a fintech platform that helps with automated cryptocurrency trading. It was founded in Estonia by several specialists.

The team of WunderTrading.

WunderTrading Features

WunderTrading features the following:

There are no deposit requirements

There is no indication on what minimum deposit must be made to trade with Pinescript bots. It is very suspicious that a service which trades millions of dollars daily has not provided transparency.

WunderTrading charges

WunderTrading provides a wide range of plans. These differ according to active bots, open posts, and other factors.

You will pay $9.95 for the basic package, and $44.95, for the premium. You can open up to 1000 positions simultaneously, while the Premium package supports only 15 trades.

Fee of WunderTrading.

WunderTrading allows you to withdraw your funds.

It is not interested in providing information regarding buying crypto. It does not provide information on cashing out.

What is WunderTrading and how do you get started?

Trader can register on Tradingview to create their algorithm in Pinescript. The traders will then need to connect the algorithm to WunderTrading to allow the platform to execute the trades.

WunderTrading pricing

WunderTrading offers fixed pricing and no trading fees. The trading fees for the exchanges are not charged by traders.

WunderTrading can be a great tool for beginner traders.

WunderTrading is a great platform for professional traders who have a solid programming background. It is not for everyone, such as beginners and novice traders.

WunderTrading: Is it legal and safe?

Your exchange can be connected to the platform using API keys. The platform does not indicate if the investment has withdrawal rights. This makes it risky.

Customer service

Contact customer service by email or telephone number for traders. You cannot chat live.

TrustPilot has 80 reviews, giving WunderTrading an overall rating of 3.0. Trustpilot reports that swing trading doesn’t work and support is unable to answer queries.

Customer review of WunderTrading. (TrustPilot).

For whom is WunderTrading most effective?

WunderTrading works best for professionals who have experience in crypto trading. Also, it is important to have some experience in coding.

WunderTrading Review: The pros and cons

WunderTrading has both its strengths and weaknesses.

There are pros


  • Free trial available
  • Simple for novices
  • Copy trading supported
  • Affiliate program offers low commissions
  • The basic plans and the free plan have limited features

WunderTrading summarize

WunderTrading can support dollar cost-averaging strategies. This strategy could cause high drawdowns if markets trend with momentum. The Premium plan has a limited number of features. Developers aren’t transparent with their portfolio and don’t provide any information about the live stats.

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