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Ifractal Channel Indicator mt4

Ifractal Channel Indicator mt4

An indicator consisting of two lines is the Ifractal channel. The default color of the line is silver, but you can change that to get clear signals. This indicator is made up of two lines, which form a channel. You can use it to determine market trends and deduce buy and sell signals.

How to Use the Indicator to Send Buy and Sell Signals

Ifractal Channel Indicator mt4

The channel slope determines whether the indicator will give buy or sell signals. The channel band can also be used as resistance or support levels.

Sign up

When the indicator is facing upwards, it will give a buy signal. If the price action touches or exceeds the low band, the channel is in an upwards trend. This means that you should enter at a swing low.

Sell Signal

If the channel is trending down, sell when the price touches or exceeds the upper limit.

Exemples of real life trading

Ifractal Channel Indicator mt4


The H4 indicator shows that the channel encloses price action, as shown by the EUR/USD pair. The channel is tilting downwards and gives a sell signal if the price touches the upper range.

You should also be prepared to enter long positions when the price touches the lower range, indicating that the channel is moving upwards.

If the chance of success is low, you should stay away from the market. This indicates that the market is trending but is not consolidating.


The Ifractal channel can be used to trade many strategies, including trend traders. It creates a channel with two lines. It sends a sell signal if the price reaches the upper band, and a buy signal if the price reaches the lower line. It can be used to boost signals from other indicators.

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