Great Trend Trading System

Great Trend Trading System

Great Trend Trading System

This is a simple trend following Forex Strategy. Based on two metatrader indicators.
The goal of this strategy is to win on the long trend.

Time Frame h1 or higher.
Currency pairs;any (Best Time Frame 4h or Daily ).

Metatrader Indicators:
Trend Direction Indicator.

Rules:Great Trend Trading System

Trade only in direction of the trend.

Trend Direction Buy Arrow;
Trendline color blue.

Trend Direction indicator Sell Arrow;
Trendline color red.

Exit position options:
1)At opposite Arrow.
2) Stop loss predetermined examples: Time Frame 4H: 50 pips AUD/USD, 50 pips EUR/USD, 40 pips USD/CHF, 60 pips USD/GBP GBP/GPY;
Stop loss: Time Frame Daily 100 pips AUD/USD 120 pips EUR/USD, 110 pips USD/CHF,
150 pips GBP/USD amd GBP/GPY;
Initial Stop loss on the previous swing after 100 pips in gain, move position at entry point (4H time frame, daily time frame after 250 pips in gain, move position at entry point.
Profit Target optional 1:3 ratio stop loss.

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