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Heiken-Ashi Forex Strategy

Heiken-Ashi Forex Strategy

The Heiken-Ashi Forex strategy will make your trading easier.

It’s easy to understand (you can glance at the indicator and know it’s time to trade, no messy lines)
Using it in the 1H time frame means you don’t have to check the chart every second; you can check it every hour or a few hours
What is this strategy? How do we get into a good trade?

Heiken-Ashi Forex Strategy

Open a new chart
Put Heiken-Ashi on the chart
Add MA (simple, period: 14)
Add OsMA using default settings (set level to 0)
Add momentum (set level to 100, period: 10)
Add RSI to the chart (period: 5, set level to 50)
*Or you can download the template below
*Change the candle to a bar chart so you can see the actual open and close prices without having to open both charts

Long trades.
Heiken Ashi is close to MA 14 or more
OsMA greater than 0
Momentum above 100
RSI above 50

Short market trades.
Heiken Ashi close to MA 14 below
OsMA below 0
Momentum below 100
RSI below 50
*Momentum and RSI indicators are optional confirmations, you can trade even if both indicators are not above/below their levels, but it would be a risky trade, I trade when one of them is below/above the level.

Where do I set TP and SL?

When setting SL we usually set it to the nearest swing high/low and set TP 2x SL, so my risk to reward ratio is 1:2
Close your trade if the OsMA goes in a different direction (e.g. you take a long trade, the OsMA is above 0 and a few hours later the OsMA is below 0, this is your chart signal to close the trade)
Of course, you can set TP and SL to suit your style

Here is how I usually trade.

Three confirmation signals from the indicators are needed
If all indicators are confirmed, then I take two orders at the closing candle
Set my SL to the nearest swing, I use 2 TP levels, the first is a 1:1 SL and the second is a 1:2 SL (e.g. I trade at 1.2000, my SL is 1.1000, my first TP is 1.3000, the second TP is 1.4000)
If my first TP is hit, then I will move the SL to BE

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