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Forex Trend Trading Indicator (FXTI) is a revolutionary trading strategy that maximizes profits from secondary and primary trends. This indicator offers advanced trading strategies and provides market forecasts that are very accurate.

Trend Trading System + Market Scaner

You can watch the video tutorial below to see the signal generation process.


Forex Trend Trading Indicator tracks very fast, profitable price movements and gives you easy buy/sell signals. So you won’t miss one trade, our software provides three alert functions. The software carefully verifies every trade signal. system To produce the highest probability trades

Simple. Profitable. Reliable.

Take your trading to the next level with smartSoftware that is flexible, modern, and easy to use.
There are three options available depending on your risk appetite.

K1 – This is the most secure. While there is little risk, entry speeds can be slow. But they are more reliable at filtering signals than others. If you are looking for reliable, smaller profits, this template is the one you should choose.

K2 – This template is the most balanced. While the risk is higher, the entry times are shorter and more complex than those in the previous templates. However, they still have a low/medium risk level. This model is ideal for typical scenarios. day trading.

K3 – The most aggressive template. Although it offers the fastest signals, it comes with higher risk. If you are an experienced trader, or have enough time to use the signals, you should not choose this option. trading system.

The System offers 3 templates that can be customized based on your risk appetite.

FXV_RISK1 – is the safest one. There is little risk. Although entries are slower, they are better filtered than other signals. This template is for you if you are looking for smaller but more certain profits.

FXV_RISK2 – is the most balanced template. This template is more risky, has faster entry speeds, but maintains a safe/medium level of ris. This model is great for daytrading.

FXV_RISK3 – is the most aggressive template. This one provides the most aggressive signals, but also carries greater risk. This one is for experienced traders only. trading system.

Let’s take a look at these chart examples Mode 1 trading option:

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

On H4 chart, above AUD/USD with perfect buy short and sell long trades

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

Below AUX/USD 5 minute chart with excellent and precise signals for indices

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

This will allow you to increase your profits. This means you’ll make more. profit per hour using the indicator …… is more than you’ve ever done before.

You can just enjoy your day after you hear the signals from Forex Trend Trading Indicator. Just open the trade, and you will be rewarded with a profit. It doesn’t take much time to trade. To understand the trading rules, you can simply read the user guide and practice with a demo account. That’s it! You’re now ready to start making real profits.

Helps to make consistent profits

-Reliable instructions for when to enter or exit

Easy to set up and begin trading

-With three trading style options

-Has 3 different signal alerts.

Let’s look at some chart examples for Risk2 mode. trading options.

Let’s take a look at these chart examples Risk2 Mode trading option:

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

On a 15-minute chart, above AUD/USD with four profitable trades

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

Below GBP/JPY in minute chart, with 4 more winned trades in succession

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

On a 15 minute chart, EUR/USD is above EUR/USD with four trade examples: two buy long, and two sell short

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

With profitable trades for position traders, above EUR/USD daily chart

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

Above FTSE100 in 5 minutes chart with excellent and precise signals for indices

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

Over USD/JPY in H1 chart. Two buy short and two buy long trades.

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

With perfect timing, this 15-minute chart shows an example of a long trade.

Market scannerAll Supports trading instruments on your MT4. Trade currency pairs, commodities, or indices.

Market scannerThe indicator, which analyzes the whole market and informs of any new trading signals, is called.

Forex Trend Trading Indicator

It is so easy, even a novice, to start winning large trades in minutes.

There are three trading styles available for the indicator that can affect its speed. There are three types of trading styles: “Aggressive(Risk 3),” “Medium(Risk 2)” or “Conservative (1Risk 1)” (templates). All of them are available to you, so choose one that suits your trading style and preferences.

Even those with no trading experience or little trading knowledge can still read and follow the trading rules in the user guide to make consistent and steady profits.

You don’t need to be a regular trader and look at profitable price moves. The indicators will send you simple signals alerts when a new trading opportunity presents itself. The indicator indicator also signals you when a buy/sell entry You can trade immediately after you reach this point.

The algorithm was designed so that traders can profit even when their eyes are closed. You will receive signal alerts via email, pop ups, and mobile push notifications. This ensures that you are not missing any price movements that could be profitable.

Trading with indicators is easy and extremely profitable.

Trading indicators ……

Three ways to alert you about all new trading opportunities

Trading Indicator comes with several built-in alerts that will notify you about new trading opportunities in seconds. Each alert will include the time, currency pairs and timeframe for the generation of the signal.

1. Pop-up Alerts for the MT4 Platform

2. Instant Email Notification

3. Push notifications for your cell phone

This box will be displayed from the broker’s portal on your computer. It will notify you of any new trading opportunities.


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