Stealth Trader Review

Stealth Trader Review

Stealth Trader, a new advisor by LeapFX is now available. Their developers are quite well known in the Forex industry. Stealth Trader boasts a hidden daily configuration on GBPJPY. Therefore, we decided to investigate how it all works.

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Stealth trader




$347, $597



Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Minimum Deposit Recommended Minimum


Recommendation Deposit


Utilize leverage


Trade length

More than 70 minutes

Trading strategy explanation

You will find many details regarding the operation of this system in the presentation.

  • Our account can be provided by the robot with automatic orders execution.

  • You can create the system, and then provide supervision.

  • Robotics will be used on the MT4 terminal.

  • It has low drawdowns.

  • It doesn’t use Martingale or a Grid strategy in trading.

  • Profit opportunities are available every day with the robot

  • Only works for a GBPJPY-cross pair.

  • So, we can try on the system’s predictability.

  • The robot set SL and TP levels.

  • It determines exact entry points for all orders.

  • The market will automatically close all orders.

  • We receive backtest results and trading data from the developers.

  • Once we pay, all software access will be granted with all settings.

  • You can adjust your risk to fit your trading style.

  • A detailed set-up guide is included with the system.

  • These are my top recommendations for maximising my profit.

  • The system can be operated by owners who will provide full support.

  • You can count on it being available soon.

  • Upgrades and updates are available for free throughout your lifetime, if necessary.

  • All updates are sent automatically.

Backtest data analysis

Stealth Trader backtest report.

This is only a portion of the report. The system was then tested using data between January 1, 2018 and March 10, 2022, on the M5 timeframe. 100.9% is the absolute gain. The average monthly gain was only 1.43%. The maximum drawdown reached 10.49%.

Live trading data analysis

Trading results

Myfxbook account

Real USD, IC Markets


July 11, 2020

You can deposit














Stealth Trader trading results on Myfxbook.

It was assigned to a real IC Markets account. The robot executes automated orders with 1:00 leverage via the MT4 platform. It has an established track record. It means that the information we see is reliable. The account was opened on July 11, 2020. The account transparency doesn’t allow us to see deposits, withdrawals, and balance. Absolute gain: 1291.84% The average monthly gain was 12.85% and the maximum drawdown 28.89%.Stealth Trader details.

Robot has successfully closed 976 deals, earning 1613.9 points. A robot has won an average of 12.91 points and lost an average of -24.84. The expected accuracy for longs is 67% and shorts 73%, respectively. Average trade time is approximately one hour and fourteen min. The profit factor in trades is 1.36.

Stealth Trader directions.

Four times as many profits were made by the robot in the short direction than the long.

Stealth Trader risks.

There are high chances that the robot will open an order with no balance. There’s a 68.61% chance of losing 10% of the balance.

Stealth Trader trading history.

You may notice that the robot uses a Grid of Orders and dynamic SL/TP levels.

Stealth Trader monthly profits.

It was closed from January to March 2022, with different profits.


There are two options available. The system can be rented out at $347 per year. For $597, you can get the lifetime package. The following features can be expected: Stealth Trader Software, updates and upgrades free of charge, customer support and best recommendations. There is also a 30-day return policy.

Review summary

The pros


  • An established company that develops the services
  • No team revealed
  • Backtest reports shared
  • There is no money-management or risk advice.
  • Trading results revealed
  • This robot has huge stop loss capabilities
  • Refund policy in effect

LeapFX designed Stealth Trader, a trading platform. This presentation will provide information on how and why the robot functions. Backtest results and trading data were shared by the developers. The results show that different months have different levels of profitability.

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