Powerhouse EA Review

Powerhouse EA Review

Responsible Forex Trading has launched Powerhouse EA as a Forex advisor. The EA combines four other EAs from the same company: Vigorous EA, Ranger EA, The Comeback Kid, Vigorous EA, Ranger EA, and Ranger EA. As per the vendor’s claims, it is one of the most advanced auto-trading systems available to retail traders.

You can find a detailed presentation of the features on the website. A brief introduction is followed by a listing of features, and finally a link to Myfxbook’s live trading account. The video explains how the EA works, and shows some trade setups. The developer also shared pricing information and settings suggestions.

Powerhouse EA Review

Min Deposit of 20$
Levergae up to 1:500
Spread 0, suitable for EA trading

Powerhouse EA


Fully automated EA





Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Minimum Deposit Minimum Deposit


Recommendation Deposit


The Leverage

200:1 (high risk), 100:1 (medium risk), 50:1 (low risk)

Trading strategy explanation

It is an EA designed for passive traders. This EA can combine 2 EAs and cross-pairs for profit. This technique allows different strategies to be combined, according to the vendor. The robot is easy to set up and can execute an average of 15 trades each day. The robot uses a high frequency trading strategy. However, the developer hasn’t provided any details. We don’t know what indicators this system uses or how it identifies profitable trades.

Only the MT5 trading platform can run this EA. You can trade with 13 different pairs at once using the RFT strategy. Powerhouse EA has smart filters which allow it to be used with multiple strategies simultaneously. Flexible settings allow you to use high, low or medium-risk strategies depending on your needs. The EA has a protective stop loss that you can modify.

The developer suggests a maximum leverage ratio of 200 to 1 for a $5k deposit. For a deposit of $10k, the recommendation for leverage is 100:1 with a medium risk. It is best to use 50:1 leverage and low risk for large deposits of $20K.

Backtest data analysis

This expert advisor does not have backtest results. While the developer provided a download link for backtesting, it is not possible to access the test results specific for component EAs. The expert advisor’s profitability cannot be guessed without past test results.

Live trading data analysis

Trading results

Myfxbook account 

Demo (USD), Trader’s Way


Dec 14, 2021

Make a deposit














Growth chart of Powerhouse EA on Myfxbook.

The live trading account for Myfxbook has been launched December 14, 2021. This account has seen 1828 trades, 58% winning, and $1,457 in total profits. The daily and monthly gains are 0.2% and 6.6%, respectively. However, drawdowns of 12.50% can still be accepted. Both the win rate and profit factor are quite good at 1.96. All of these figures are based upon a short trading history.

Trading results of Powerhouse EA on Myfxbook.

You can view the latest trades made with this account. EA holds each trade for 9 hours and 25 seconds on average. It has used an average lot size of 0.01 to place the 20 most recent trades. This account has an average win rate of 8.90 pip/$2.80, and an average loss rate of -8.62 pip/-$1.97.

Vendor transparency

Ryan Brown is the Chief Developer behind Responsible Forex Trading. Ryan is an American citizen. This person isn’t available to share details of his background or the names and addresses of the members. This person also created the EAs Vigorous EA and Ranger EA.


This EA’s current price is $497. It is more costly than other EA’s. The product is covered by a 30-day guarantee.

Review by users

No user reviews are available for the expert advisor at this time on third-party websites such as Myfxbook or Quora. Trustpilot is also unavailable.

Review summary

The pros


  • Trade results verified
  • Inadequacy of strategy insight
  • There are no user reviews
  • No backtesting results

Powerhouse EA uses an unidentified strategy to trade Forex pairs. We don’t know much about the developer and the live trading account has not been active for too long. The historical test results have not been shared by the developer.

Powerhouse EA Review

Min Deposit of 20$
Levergae up to 1:500
Spread 0, suitable for EA trading

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