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What is an MT4 forex broker?

An MT4 forex broker that offers MetaTrader4 or MT4 trading platform. MT4 platform is one of the most commonly used software by forex traders and executes the largest number of orders per day. MetaTrader4 was developed by MetaQuotes and millions of traders use MT4 as their main platform.

What are the advantages of trading with MT4?

It includes all the elements needed for successful trading. It can be adapted to any strategy and is suitable for professionals or beginner traders from the institutional or retail market. MT4 is a program that handles trading with great performance, high security, and endless trading possibilities.


MT4 indicators and extensions and plugins.

One of the most sophisticated MT4 attributes is an excellent charting package that includes technical trading indicators and unified fundamental analysis. Traders of any level can take advantage of its many advancements, as the platform is designed to be user-friendly and simple to use. With its numerous indicators available through the package or through plugins integrated with it, MT4 is the best choice for trading power improvements.

Key Features of MT4

MT4 was created in 2000 at MetaQuotes Software Corp and has since grown to be the platform of choice for the largest number of brokers and is used by traders. This applies especially to Forex trading, as the platform was developed for decentralized products that do not require the use of a central exchange.
There are a number of reasons why MT4 is so popular, and the reasons are.
More brokers offer such an option to their clients than any other, and more traders take advantage of this platform because.
It is free to download and use by traders
It is one of the most durable trading platforms and it has gained the name of a trustworthy and reliable trading platform without any flaws.
You can run MT4 on Windows and MacOS as well as on any web browser (via WebTrader) and mobile or tablet devices for Android and iPhone.
It provides all the necessary tools needed for successful trading and has an intuitive interface

MT4 ea & vpn.

One of the strongest points is the famous MT4 auto-trading technology that uses scripted execution and offers customization options for those who can manage the code. Or the numerous options available through its famous Expert Advisors (EA) that any level of trader can utilize and modify through a downloadable library, offering countless trading possibilities.

MT4 Backtesting.

Depending on the broker you choose, there are a number of parameters available for backtesting using their demo accounts that can be useful in situations where you wish to test parameters. Test an EA or a specific strategy by using the strategy tester section with historical data from trades, which is among the risk-free available for testing trades.

Which brokers use the MT4 platform?

Due to its popularity, most brokers offer the MT4 platform. However, companies may differ from other platforms.

How can I change brokers on MT4?

With MT4 switching brokers, you can use a broker and then switch brokers on MT4 using your saved layout or the settings of your previous broker. To switch brokers, please contact Customer Support for the procedure.

List of MT4 Forex Brokers

Below is a complete list of all regulated brokers that offer the MT4 platform.

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